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    Masterpiece has mass appeal and is a film made keeping in mind the expectations of fans of Yash. In that effort director Manju Mandavyya succeeds. The film has everything you look for in a commercial entertainer, superb dance, great locations, catchy music, thrilling stunts and amazing dialogues. From the start to the end, the persona of Yash is highlighted and though the main character starts as a negative one, it ends with a logical conclusion that endears it to the audience.

    The director narrates the story with suspense. It seems Yash (as Yuva) is in hospital in the first scene. But by interval there is a massive twist. In between we see many characters that show the qualities of Yuva. He is the darling of his friends. But his mother says he is a villain. He calls himself Boss and he does all things that a rowdy does. With his innovative ideas he manages to get an independent candidate win in the election. He falls in love with a girl who turns out to be very different. But they are made for each other. But suddenly there emerges the biggest challenge to Yuva in the form of Ravishankar a big drug lord. He starts harassing Yuva. But Yuva manages to turn the tables on him and in the end emerges as an youth icon.

    Yash's dialogues are appreciated by his fans and there are plenty of them in this film. The dance steps of Yash are brilliant and awesome to watch. Harikrishna concentrates more on mass tunes in this film than melodies because the story demands it as it is very fast paced. Cinematography captures the scenes beautifully and it is a treat to watch and colourful. Among other actors Suhasini and Chikkanna stand out. The comedy of Chikkanna, especially in the first half is worth watching again. Suhasini as Yuva's mother is the contrast character to Yash. Ravishankar is menacing and Achyuth makes it look like he was made for the role.

    Masterpiece will be liked by all those who enjoy commercial films. It has everything in it that calls for booking your tickets if you have not already done it.

    Chitraloka Review - 4/5

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