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  • Sudeep Thanks RGV For His Appreciation

    sudeep image

    Actor Sudeep has thanked ace director Ram Gopal Verma for his appreciation and has said that he is nowhere close in comparison with Vishnuvardhan and Rajanikanth.

    Earlier, Ram Gopal Verma had appreciated Sudeep for his performance and has tweeted that Sudeep should change his name from Kichcha Sudeep to Rajini Sudeep.
    Sudeep has thanked RGV for his appreciation and has tweeted in this regard. Here is Sudeep's tweet to RGV. thanks fr the appreciation sir... but I'm nowhere close nor a comparison to the two legends .. Vishnu sir and Rajani sir ..

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  • Sudeep To Appear In Varasdaara Promo

    sudeep image

    Actor Sudeep who is also producing 'Varasdaara', a television serial for Zee Kannada, will be seen in the promo and recently he participated in the promo shoot of the serial. The promo shoot for the serial was recently held in Bangalore and Raghavendra Hunsur directed the promo. The promo will be aired soon.

    'Varasdaara' is being directed by Gadda Vijay who had earlier directed films like 'Dyavre' and 'Plus'. Yajna Shetty and others play prominent roles in this serial.

  • Sudeep To Release The Songs Of Happy New Year

    sudeep image

    Actor Sudeep is all set to release the songs of 'Happy New Year' on Monday (February 20th) being composed by well known music composer and singer Raghu Deekshith.

    'Happy New Year' is a multi-starrer which stars Dhananjay, Shruthi Hariharan, Diganth, Sonu, Vijay Raghavendra, B C Patil, Saikumar, Srishti Patil and others play prominent roles in the film.

    Actor-producer B C Patil who was away from producing films in the last few years is pack is producing this film. Well known director T S Nagabharana's son Pannaga is making his debut as a director. Srishah Kudavalli is the cameraman.

    Happy New Year Gallery - View

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  • Sudeep To Release Trailers Of Two Films Today

    saguva dariyalli, dada is back trailer today

    Actor-director Sudeep is all set to release the trailers of two films today. The actor will be first releasing the trailer of 'Dada is Back', followed by 'Saguva Dariyalli'.

    'Dada is Back' is being directed by Santhu of 'Gombegala Love' fame. One of the highlights of the film is Tamil star Parthiban is making his debut in Kannada through this film. The trailer of this film is all set to be released in front of the Town Hall today evening. MLA R V Devaraj, actor-producer Raghavendra Rajakumar are also expected to be a part of this function.

    After the release of ‘Dada is Back’, Sudeep will be releasing the trailer of Anup Sa Ra Govindu’s ‘Saguva Dariyalli’. KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu is also expected to be a part of this function. The trailer release event is held in Renukamba Preview Theater in Malleshwaram.

  • Sudeep Twitter Story

    sudeep twitter story

    Tweet,,Twitter,,Tweetest -  I was at Mumbai for a shoot and my buddy was dropping me to my hotel in his car... Noticed him on his phone,, quite occupied. Assuming that he probably was attending to something important,, decided not to disturb him and I let him be.

    He after a bit turned to me and asked me 

    "what's ur Twitter account ? "..... 

    I had this blank look ,,coz I was wondering what's he speaking about...

    I then slowly asked,,,,

    "...Twitter account!!???".... 

    He said,,

    "yes,,,Twitter account"...

    Now for some reason ,,I started feeling a bit ignorant of the happenings ,,and my mind thinking in 100 different ways as to what the hell is this Twitter.. 

    I had to ask. So without hesitation I asked him the most difficult question(at that moment)

    "Err,,,,sorry,,,,,,but what's Twitter??"...

    I was now hoping he wouldn't have a sarcastic smirk(I have no idea why I felt he would) n come up with a line ,,

    "U dono what's Twitter?????" 

    Though not an embarrassment,,, it surely sometimes is a wierd feeling.... Dono y.

    But my buddy ,,the gentleman he is,,, just started showing n explaining to me the details of twitter,, how to go about and it's use.

    This buddy is the Tweetest RITESH DESHMUKH,,,n this was my entry into the world of Twitter.

    Thanks RITESH for proving me wrong... remain the sweetest that u always have been.

    Here started a new journey...

    I still remember the excitement of actually having a few follow me on Twitter. Their comments,,posts,,pics,,, etc.

    I can never forget how all those around would be irritated with me as all my leisure time would be spent reading n posting tweets.... In short,,, I had found a new toy :))))) 

    It was fun to converse with these frnzz following me,,n also a huge vent . With this new found toy,,Time Would Fly.

    Wanting to say so many things,,and having to say it all within limited characters was a task.. This taught me how to frame my lines n placements of words. It was a learning process and I enjoyed every bit of this learning . 

    Then came a phase where Twitter became,,

    All Stress & No Fun.

    Accessibility had made words float through comments. Bad ones,,very bad ones and there were unbearable ones..

    This was a time when I had decided to quit Twitter. But then,,, I gave myself some time to answer before quitting... I chose to face it all...

    This process made me see another side of me,,, a side which I myself wasn't familiar with. I could handle people,,their lines n their topics...it wasn't bothering me anymore and I could take it all..  I was learning patience and earning frnzz. To me this was the best step I took.

    Twitter was fun all over again

    Happiness had no limits when frnzz totalled to a lakh... Then followed two n then three n so on..

    Now,,, I see 999+k.... Figures nomore are the reason for my happiness... What's making me happy is tat I have surely done something right in life to have earned that lil place in all ur hearts .. 

    You my frnzz,,make me feel RICH & COMPLETE.


    I shall always be grateful to the first friend to follow me and I shall not be less thankful to the last one who jus did.

    Much love n huggs... 

    I shall always do my best to entertain u all and shall try to the best of my ability to be of some help.

    And yes ,,, please do forgive me if you feel I have let you down somewhere... 

    Thank u all once again.

    And to all those who think you dislike me,,, 

    Hopefully I shall give you reasons enough,,

    To like me someday.



  • Sudeep Wish Success For The Teaser Release Of 'The Villain'

    sudeep wish success

    Actor Sudeep who is currently in Serbia for the shooting of 'Kotigobba 3' has wished Prem for the teaser release of his new film 'The Villain'.

    The teaser release of 'The Villain' has been scheduled for Thursday and Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy will be releasing the teaser of the film at the GT World Mall in Vijayanagar. 'The Villain' teaser launch is a ticketed event and director Prem has fixed Rs 500 for each ticket and is planning to donate the proceeds to needy directors.

    Sudeep recently wished success for the teaser release through tweeting. 'Best wishes to director Prem and team for the leaser launch and to all those friends who picked up tickets to watch it. Should say very sweet of you all. Thank you for this love' tweeted Sudeep.

  • Sudeep Wishes Kurukshetra

    sudeep darshan image

    In a message that surprised many Sudeep has wished the team of Kurukshetra. The film was launched yesterday and stars Darshan in the lead role. After Darshan announced that he and Sudeep were not friends anymore a few weeks ago Sudeep had not responded.

    But a few minutes ago he tweeted "It's awesome to see a huge cinema(in all aspects)going on floor.. My best wshs to producer MuniRatna & the entire team of kurukshetra. n it surely Wil b another feather in the cap to Darshan... Only he can justify this role wth his personality n presence. Best wshs.."

    It was not a backhanded compliment for his old friend. Darshan. He named Darshan by name and wished him saying only he suited the role. The wishes surprised Sudeep's fans also.

  • Sudeep Wishes Nanna Ninna Premakathe

    sudeep image

    Actor Sudeep has wished the team of Nanna Ninna Premakathe starring Vijay Raghavendra and Nidhi a huge success. 'Bst wshs to th entire team.using north kannada as the main stream in th film is smthn to look forward to..God bless' tweeted Sudeep on Wednesday.

    Earlier, there was a news that Sudeep was not willing to let go Bhumika Theater to 'Nanna Ninna Premakathe' which was screening 'Jigar Thanda'. Sudeep had even tweeted in this regard saying that, 'there seems to b a small miscommunication bout the change of film nxt week at Bhoomika.Surprised wth announcement.#Jigarthanda wil continue'. However, Sudeep has now wished the team of 'Nanna Ninna Premakathe' a huge success

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  • Sudeep Wraps Up Shooting For 'Ambi Ninge Vayassaitho'

    sudeep wraps up shooting for ambi ninge vaisaitho

    The shooting for 'Ambi Ninge Vayassaitho' starring Ambarish and Sudeep is almost complete and Sudeep has wrapped up shooting for the film. With his portions getting completed, Sudeep is all set to fly to Serbia later this week.

    'Ambi Ninge Vayassaitho' is the remake of Tamil hit 'Power Pandi' which was released. The film is being directed by Gurudutt Ganiga and the screenplay is by Sudeep. Jack Manju is producing the film under the Kichcha Creations banner.

    The film stars Ambarish, Suhasini, Sudeep and others in prominent roles. Arjun Janya is the music director, while Jabeen Jacob is the cameraman of the film.


  • Sudeep Writes For Hebbuli's Response

    sudeep writes for hebbuli response

    Dear Frnzz,,

    It's been two days of road trip tat we #TeamHebbuli has wrapped..Met amazing people and sch wonderful smiling faces all across..Thank u.

    Writing this letter to thank everyone each one who's beind the arrangements at the places we visited.. Police Dept , has taken such wonderful care .. I could see them struggling amidst the huge crowd ,,yet doing their best to ensure everything sailed through well. Salutes to each one of em.

    Fan clubs too have been wonderful all across ,,such warm welcoming everywhere... Jus wanna TEL u all ,,tat it's ur presence and love tat will make me happy than the money spent of Garland's n felicitations.. Use tat money to help a few .. Trust me tat will give u all more joy ,,n tat will make me happy too..

    It's been a memorable trip so far n I'm looking forward to the remaining two days.. #Hebbuli 's success ,,I dedicate to all u frnzz,,who have given it soon mch respect n love .. thank u all once again ..I shall be carrying home all the love n smiles tat u all have showered on us... 

    Much Love to All,,



  • Sudeep Writes On Ambareesh

    sudeep, ambareesh

    It’s one of those days where you have a bad dream and you tell yourself “lemme please wake up so that the nightmare stops”. 

    The world of cinema received another big blow n once again a bad one. We lost another Legend . With him ,,We lost our Leader,,a parent ,,a guide,,a blessing hand,,a voice,,a strength,,a power,,a  shoulder,,a friend,, we have lost a beautiful soul. 

    The news was heart breaking ,,, but seeing the Legend sleeping like this is heart tearing. We all have known him and seen him as one Dynamic personality who commanded respect every place he was present at and an Unmatchable Aura. A person who had no boundaries n lived life KING SIZE.

    I always felt he was a blessed child . Felt this way coz I rarely saw anyone not liking him,,, I haven’t yet come across someone who could avoid or ignore him. He earned friends every place he went and that still remains a mystery as to how he only had friends n not a single FOE. 

    In short ,, a completely rare human,, n one of the kind. 

    We always feel Certain stories or certain lives shouldn’t end n he falls in both these categories . 

    I wish I could rewind few situations,, I wish I could turn back the clock,, I wish I could go back to that day when I gave my 1st ever shot in cinema(falling to his feet) ,, I wish i go back to the first ever time I saw him where I hear th door bell in Shimoga,, I run to open the door n find this tall dark man standing with a sling bag , wearing a white Kurtha,, n I hear my fathers voice from behind me saying “ volage baarayya Ambi” .

    Will miss u mama. 


  • Sudeep's Career Record This Year - Exclusive

    sudeep image

    It has been almost 20 years since Sudeep entered Sandalwood as an actor. In these years he has acted in over 50 films in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu and this year in Tamil. In all these years very rarely did more than two Kannada films he acted in released the same year. Even when it did some of the films were in which he did guest roles.

    Sudeep's Career Record This Year - Scoop

    His last film in Kannada in a lead role was Ranna which was released more than a year ago! Since then his fans have seen or heard him in eight films either in guest roles (Luv U Alia/Baahubali) or as a narrator (Chakravyuha/Jai Maruti 800) or significant character in other language film (Pull). So for his fans the last one year has been a long wait to see him in lead roles. But the second half of 2016 will be a bonanza for them.It is not too good but 'three good' to change the phrase.

    In the next five months three Kannada films starring Sudeep is confirmed for release. Kotigobba 2 in August, Mukunda Murari after that and Hebbuli most likely in December. Even Sudeep is thrilled about the prospects. He told Chitraloka editor KM Veeresh "I believe this is the first instance in my career three of my films are releasing back to back."

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  • Sudeep's commentary for 'Udgarsha'

    sudeep's commentary for udgarsha

    Sunil Kumar Desai is busy finalising the trailer for his new film 'Udgarsha'. Meanwhile, actor Sudeep has given commentary for the trailer of the film. Sudeep has given commentary not only for the Kannada version, but also for the Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam versions.

    Anup Singh Rajput who played the role of baddie in 'Rogue' is the hero in this film. Apart from Anup, Danshika, Kabir Singh Duhan, 'Bahubali' fame Prabhakar, Harshika Poonachcha, Vamshi Krishna and others play prominent roles in the film.

    Desai himself has written the story and screenplay apart from directing the film. Devaraj, Thirumalai and Manjunath are the producers. Sanjoy Chaudhary is the music director, while Vishnuvardhan is the cinematographer.

  • Sudeep's film Titled Kotigobba 2 Officially - Exclusive

    kotigobba2 movie image

    The confusion regarding Sudeep's new film being produced by Soorappa Babu has finally come to an end with the film being titled as 'Kotigobba 2' officially. Earlier, there were rumours that the film might be titled as 'Kotigobba'. There was also news that the film might be titled as 'Kotigobba 2'. However, the shooting for the film completed without the film being titled officially.

    Now producer Babu along with Sudeep has finalised the title and the film will be called 'Kotigobba 2'. The film which is being directed by K S Ravikumar is almost complete except for two songs and the song shooting for the film will resume from April 25.

  • Sudeep's New Film 'Kotigobba 3' Launched

    kotigobba 3 launched

    Sudeep's new film 'Kotigobba 3' which is being produced by Soorappa Babu and directed by Shiva Karthik was launched on Friday in Bangalore.

    The launch event was attended by well known producers like Muniratna, Rockline Venkatesh, Ramesh and others. Sudeep's wife Priya was also presented at the occasion and lighted the lamp. While, Muniratna sounded the clap for the first shot, Sudeep's father Sarovar Sanjeev switched on the camera.

    Though 'Kotigobba 3' has been launched, the shooting for the film will start from this month end. Shekhar Chandru is the cameraman, while Arjuna Janya is the music director. Heroine and other artistes are yet to be finalized.

  • Sudeep's Reply To Nagatihalli Chandrashekhar

    sudeeps reply to nagathihalli chandrashekar

    Sudeep has said physically abusing people is not the only way to answer when someone provokes in some manner.

    Sudeep who was upset about Venkat assaulting Pratham in 'Big Boss' house had said that it was wrong on the part of Venkat and had opined this in a series of tweets. Answering to this, director Nagatihalli Chandrashekhar had said that, it was not Venkat's fault completely and some people are provoking him for cheap publicity. Nagatihalli had suggested that Venkat deserves parenting, pity and treatment.

    For this, Sudeep tweeted an answer saying that, Shoudln't be coming from you sir. World provokes everyone in some manner sir, dsnt mean all r goin around physically abusing people.

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  • Sudeep's Voice For Raaga

    sudeep image raaga still

    Mithra's new film Raaga will have a voice over by Kiccha Sudeep according to sources. Mithra who is playing the lead role for the first time and also producing the film approached Sudeep who is said to have given his consent according to chitraloka sources.

    Sudeep is expected to record his voice for the film later this week. Sudeep is considered a lucky 'voice'. Since his voice over for Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna his narrative and voice has been much sought-after by film makers. Raaga is directed by PC Shekar and has Mithra and Bhama in the lead roles. Both the lead actors play blind characters in this unusual film.

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  • Sudeep's Young Fan Aaditya No More

    sudeep's young fan aditya no more

    Aaditya a young fan of Sudeep who was suffering from a rare disease is no more. The boy passed away after years of battle against the DMD disease which weakened his muscles and did not allow him to sit for more than one hour at a time. The family of Aaditya had brought him to meet Sudeep in Mysuru where the actor had come to play in the Karnataka Premier League in 2014.

    Sudeep had bonded with the family and moved by Aaditya's condition sponsored a tour for him to see all the places he liked. The disease did not have any treatment and the only thing that could be done for Aaditya was to fulfill all his wishes. Aaditya had requested Sudeep to act in many films as he wanted to watch those films in theatres. 

    Aaditya's father, Bharati Shankar, had directed the film Autograph Please and then quit the film industry. Sudeep spent time with Aaditya talking to him about his likes and dislikes.

  • Sudeep, Puneeth To Grace 'Paddehuli' Muhurath

    sudeep, puneeth in paddehuli

    Producer K Manju's son Shreyas's debut film as a hero 'Paddehuli' is all set to be launched tomorrow (March 11th) at the Dharmagiri Manjunatha Swamy Temple in Bangalore. 

    The film launch will be a star studded function and many of the celebrities from the Kannada film industry is expected to be a part of this event. While, Sudeep will be sounding the clap for the first short of the film, Puneeth will be switching on the camera. Bharathi Vishnuvardhan and Keerthi Vishnuvardhan will be lighting the lamp.

    'PaddeHuli' is said to be a remake of Tamil hit 'Meesaya Murukku' which was released last year. The film is being produced by M Ramesh Reddy who had earlier produced 'Uppu Huli Khara'. The film is being produced under the Tejaswini Enterprises banner. Guru Deshapande is the director. Ajaneesh Lokanath is the music director for this film, while K S Chandrashekhar is the cinematographer. K M Prakash is the editor.

  • Sudeep, Sadhu Kokila in New Ad

    sudeep, sadhu kokila image

    In the last couple of years Kannada film stars are seen more and more in television advertisements. Unlike few years ago when it was dominated by Hindi, Tamil and Telugu stars, now Kannada actors are not far behind.

    Sudeep is leading in this aspect promoting about 10 different products. Puneeth and Shivanna are stars who are also promoting multiple brands. Now both Sudeep and Sadhu Kokila are seen in the advertisement for OLX online used products market.

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