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  • Sudeep campaigns for Raju Gowda in Yadagiri

    sudeep campaigns for taju gowda

    Actor-director Sudeep on Saturday campaigned for Raju Gowda in Yadagiri for the upcoming MLA elections along with Tara and others.

    Raju Gowda (Narasimha Nayak) who is contesting the elections from Bharatiya Janatha Party is a close friend of Sudeep and has always stood by him. So, Sudeep on Saturday flew to Yadgir in a Chopper along with actress Tara who also campaigned for him.

    Sudeep along with others did a road show and requested the voters to vote for Raju Gowda.  The fans of the actor thronged to see him.

  • Sudeep Canvassing For Sriramulu In Molakalmuru

    sudeep canvassing for sriramulu

    Kichcha Sudeep is canvassing for Sriramulu in Makalmuru today. A few days ago Sriramulu had asked Sudeep to canvass for him which he has accepted. 

    Sudeep had also canvassed for his friend Narasimha Nayak (Raju Gowda) in Shorapur last week. Sriramulu is also contesting from Badami against Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.  Sources said that Sudeep will not canvass in Badami as he is also close to Siddaramaiah. Sudeep has limited canvassing in the election to his very close friends.


  • Sudeep Celebrates 46th Birthday With His Fans

    sudeep celebrates his birthday with fans

    Actor-director Sudeep on Monday celebrated his 46th birthday with his fans at his residence in Bangalore.

    Sudeep has been avoiding celebrating his birthday for the past two years due to various reasons. This year, however the actor took time to be with fans and obliged them by not only celebrating his birthday with them, but also letting them take photos.

    The birthday celebrations of the actor started from midnight itself and many friends and family members wished Sudeep a happy birthday and a great year ahead.

  • Sudeep Cooks For The Contestants At The Big Boss House

    sudeep image

    Actor and anchor Sudeep will be cooking special dishes for the contestants at the 'Big Boss' house tonight.

    Sudeep who is very much fond of cooking off late has cooked Veg Biriyani, Chicken Biriyani, Mangalore Bajji, Chilli Panner, Chicken apricot, Cheese Egg annd Marble Cake and has nicely packed the dishes for each contestant mentioning their names.

    The episode will be telecast tonight at 9 PM.

  • Sudeep Crosses Twitter Milestone

    sudeep crosses twitter milestone

    Sudeep has become the first Kannada actor to have over 5 Lakh followers on micro blogging site Twitter. He reached the milestone on Wednesday morning.

    Sudeep has been active on Twitter for years now and he is not present on Facebook. His constant engagement with his fans on Twitter and direct access has been liked by fans. Sudeep is also present on Instagram but not very active. Most of the top Kannada actors are now on Twitter and have gained huge following.


  • Sudeep Demands Both Memorial and Samadhi for Vishnuvardhan

    Sudeep Vishnuvardhan Image

    Sudeep has come out in the open to sort out the long pending issue over the  Vishnuvardhan memorial. Why did Sudeep meet the chief minister yesterday? What is his stand on the issue? Why did he take a stand now? What are his demands? These are some of the questions bugging fans. Here is the real story of why Sudeep has come out in the open. 

    Firstly the Vishnuvardhan memorial has become embroiled in controversy. Vishnuvardhan was cremated at the Abhiman Studio which was founded by late actor Balakrishna. It may be recalled that it was Sudeep who got built a memorial for Balakrishna in the same place some years ago. Balakrishna's samadhi was an open grave which was given a decent place by the efforts of Sudeep.


    When Vishnuvardhan was cremated at the studio premises after his death a memorial was promised at the same place. But over the years many controversies have cropped up mainly because of the dispute over the land. The land was granted by the government but some of it has been sold to private parties. The surrounding land is forest land and cannot be used for other purposes. After much delay and controversy a memorial work has started in Mysuru. Vishnuvardhan was cremated in Abhiman Studio in Bengaluru but the memorial is coming up in Mysuru. This has upset many fans. The family of Vishnuvardhan have consented to the memorial in Mysuru because the government has said that it is impossible to build the memorial at the studio. 

    This is why Sudeep had to intervene. There was tremendous pressure on him from the fans of Vishnuvardhan to intervene in the matter and force the government to let the samadhi remain in Abhiman Studio.

    Sources said that in the meeting with Siddaramaiah, Sudeep has categorically said that he supported the wish of Bharati Vishnuvardhan for a memorial in Mysuru. But at the same time the samadhi in Abhiman Studio must not be shifted as it is a Punya Bhoomi. A proper samadhi should be built at Abhiman Studio. The government should solve the legal dispute and fans are not asking for any money. They are ready to fund the samadhi at Abhiman Studio themselves. 

    Sudeep supports both the Samadhi at the Studio and the memorial at Mysuru. He requested the CM to speed up the work on both of them.

  • Sudeep Denies Rumours About Bigg Boss

    bigg boss image

    Actor-director Sudeep has denied rumours about his exit from the hugely popular reality show 'Bigg Boss' saying that he is not only anchoring the show, but also ready to participate in the promo shoot of the show soon.

    Recently there were rumours that Sudeep would not be anchoring the 'Bigg Boss' reality programme in Colors Kannada and instead of him actor-director Upendra would be stepping into his shoes.

    But on Monday Sudeep has tweeted denying the rumours that he won't be anchoring the show. 'I am definitely anchoring the show. We had talks about it very recently and I am going to shoot for the promo soon' tweeted Sudeep.

  • Sudeep Fans Association Help Satyajith - Exclusive

    sudeep fans association help satyajith

    As soon as Chitraloka published the tragedy story of actor Satyajith leg amputated Akila Karnataka Abinaya Chakravarthy Kiccha Sudeep Seena samithi has rushed to Satyajith house and has given Rs 50,000/- cash to him.

    Association President Naveen Gowda, Vice President Jagadish (Jaggi) and secretary Nandi were present at Satyajith house.

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  • Sudeep Fans Who Attempted Suicide

    sudeep fans who attempted suicide

    Die hard fans of Kiccha Sudeep attempted suicide because Kiccha Sudep did not visit Belagavi during the success tour of Hebbuli. The two are named Sachin and Praveen. Sudeep called them to his home and met them and also told them to study well. 

    Sachin and Praveen became emotional after meeting Kiccha Sudeep.

  • Sudeep Gets An Offer From Amitabh Bachchan's New Film

    sudeep gets offer from sr bacchan's new movie

    Actor Sudeep who is currently tied up with projects in Kannada has got a big offer from a Bollywood film. This time the actor has not only got one offer, but two offers at the same time.

    Prominently, Sudeep has got an offer from Amitabh Bachchan's new film which has been titled as 'Karna'. The film is based on the legendary mythological character Karna and Sudeep has been approached for the role of Duryodhana in the film, While Amitabh Bachchan is seen in the role of Bheeshma. Even Tamil actor Vikram will be playing  a prominent role in the film. Apart from 'Karna', Sudeep has been approached for a role by director Rohith Shetty.

    Though he has got two offers, Sudeep is yet to give his nod because of his prior commitments. 'The Villain' was supposed to complete by now. As the film got delayed due to various reasons, Sudeep's dates have been hampered and Sudeep plans to allocate dates to Hindi films only if it affects his Kannada projects.

  • Sudeep Gives It Back To Society 

    sudeep helps

    The Kichcha Sudeep Charitable Society has been providing relief materials to those in need during this Corona virus pandemic. Every day, food kits are being delivered to film industry workers and others who are in need. On Tuesday kits were supplied by the Society to people working in the media. In the previous few days the Society distributed the ration kits to bodyguards, costume designers, junior artistes and others. 

    For the last 16 days, members of the Society have been actively involved in moving around the city and delivering food kits to those in need. Yesterday, kits were delivered to the office of the Kannada Film Dancers Association. 

    Many of Sudeep's fans associations across Karnataka are also involved in providing food and other relief materials to people stranded in different places and those whose livelihood has been affected by the crisis. 

  • Sudeep Gives One Lac To His Fan Umesh

    sudeep image

    Kiccha SudEep has again come forward in helping. This time he has given one lak to Umesh who expired in the cauvery riot recently.

    Umesh was a hard core fan of Sudeep. After he expired police had a tough time to identify him. But on his body they found a tatoo of Sudeep. From this they came to know that he his a fan of Sudeep and later identified Umesh.

  • Sudeep Hairstyle Goes Viral

    hebbuli movie image

    The latest hairstyle of Kiccha Sudeep in his new film, Hebbuli has gone viral. After the first look of the film was leaked by some miscreants on Wednesday, Sudeep tweeted that he was happy fans liked the first look buy it was raw images that were leaked and official version of the posters would be released on Friday.

    Why Was Sudeep Wearing A Cap ?

    But even before that, the hairstyle of the new look has gone viral and Sudeep acknowledged it by thanking his fans who got similar hairstyles done on Thursday. Scores of his fans have got the new hairstyle which Sudeep shared with his other followers.

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  • Sudeep Hand Got Injured at Molakalmuru

    sudeep hand injured while campaigning

    Kichcha Sudeep got injured while he was canvassing for Sriramulu in Molakalmuru today. When Sudeep arrived to Molakalmuru there was huge crowd waiting for him and all of a sudden there was a rush. During this Sudeep hand got injured and sources said its not much and he is campaigning in spite of the pain.

    sudeep_campaigning2.jpgBefore reaching to Molakalmuru Sudeep had a Tea at the road side small shop and the people at the hotel were thrilled to see Sudeep.


  • Sudeep Happy To Lose Hairstyle

    sudeep happy to loose hairstyle

    Sudeep who has sported a ponytail in his upcoming movie Hebbuli is finally happy to let go of it and grow his hair back. The shooting of the film has been wrapped up and the film is releasing on February 23.

    Sudeep has said that maintaining that hairstyle was no easy. "Maintaining the pony on my head was a task by itself. Thanks to my hairstylist. Finally relieved that I can grow my hair again,". Sudeep is getting a new hairstyle for his next film-  The Villain directed by Prem. But for now he is happy with his work in Hebbuli.

    He said, The "entire team have worked very hard for Hebbuli. Hebbuli is a mixture of exciting, tedious and an eventful journey. Worked with fabulous actors and very happy the way (producers) Umapathi and Raghunath handled it." 

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  • Sudeep Hoisted Flag at KFCC

    kichcha sudeep image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Thursday celebrated the Independence Day and actor-director Sudeep came over as the chief guest and hoisted the National flag.

    The KFCC had organised the Independence Day celebration in the office premises and many film personalities were present during the occasion. Sudeep was invited as the chief guest and the actor came over and was a part of the celebrations.

    KFCC president Jairaj along with office bearers, past presidents and members were present at the occasion.

  • Sudeep Hopes to Get Some Good Sleep!

    bigg boss3 image

    Actor-director Sudeep has said that he is pretty excited about 'Big Boss 3' and is looking forward to host the most popular reality show of Kannada television. 'The last two seasons were very good and challenging. It is very difficult to balance the affairs of the people inside the house. They are wonderful people in the house and they have not come here because they don't have any work. It stays a lot to stay detached and disconnected from the world' said Sudeep.

    Sudeep says he has nothing to do with the elimination of the candidates. 'I have answered this question many times. I have nothing to do with the selection nor elimination of the contestants. Till now I don't know who all will be contesting and doesn't want to know also. As for as the elimination is concerned, it is purely based on voting system and I have nothing to do with it' says Sudeep.

    Sudeep is glad that the 'Big Boss' house is shifted from Lonavala to Bangalore. 'It was really a big task for me to travel all the way to Lonavala and host the show and come back here. I couldn't sleep for two days and had to work continuously. Now that the house is shifted to Bidadi, I hope I get some good sleep' said Sudeep.

  • Sudeep Impressed With Hombanna


    Actor Sudeep looks to be pretty impressed by 'Hombanna' which is all set to release next week. Sudeep who has seen the trailer of the film, has complimented the team for their work and has said that the trailer looks promising and has conveyed best wishes to the entire team.

    'Hombanna' is a team from newcomers about naxalism and Ramakrishna Nigade has produced the film. Rakshith Theerthahalli has written the story, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics apart from directing the film. Vinu Manasu is the music director, while Praveen S is the cameraman.

    The film has a lot of newcomers along with a strong supporting cast including Dattanna, Suchendra Prasad, Ashwath Neenasam and oth

  • Sudeep In 'Dabangg 3' Sets

    sudeep in dabang 3 sets

    Actor Sudeep who is playing a prominent role in Salman Khan's new film 'Dabangg 3', participated in the shooting of the film from Saturday in Mumbai.

    Sudeep has said though the heat was unbearable, he has wrapped the first day of the shoot with smile. He has also thanked Salman Khan for making him feel at home. Here is what Sudeep has said in his tweet.

    'Heat was unbearable. Yet couldn't dominate the energy on set... it was a thrilling day .. fabulous unit .. fantabulous people.... a humongous gym set up on location is an added bonus. 1st day of Dabangg 3 wrapped with smiles. Thanks Salman Sir for makingg me feel at home' tweeted Sudeep.

  • Sudeep in Apoorva - Exclusive

    apoorva movie image

    Ravichandran has sprung a surprise by roping in Sudeep for his new film Apoorva. When asked, the Crazy Star said that there are many more surprises in store in the film but did not want to elaborate. He did not also reveal what role Sudeep was playing.

    Last week it was revealed that Vijaya Raghavendra and his wife are playing the role of Ravichandran's son and daughter-in-law in the film. The film stars the veteran as a 61-year-old in love with a 19-year-old. The newcomer Apoorva plays the title role opposite Ravichandran. 

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