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  • KFCC Concern Over Film Industry From Reality Shows

    pressmeet at kfcc

    KFCC, President SA Ra Govindu along with Office bearers spoke up the concerns regarding the status of Kannada film producers.

    In the press meet, speaking on behalf of the producers, Sa Ra Govindu showed his concerns regarding the diminishing numbers of theatres across the state.

    He also highlighted the points pertaining the reality shows damaging the Kannada film viewership, which is causing a major damage to the producers, distributors and Kannada films. Sa Ra Govindu, requested each and every entertainment channel to purchase the rights of atleast 25 movies per year.

    The major concern of this press meet was reality shows like big boss, weekend with Ramesh, kick and other shows which are hosted by Kannada film superstars like Sudeep, Ramesh and shiva Rajkumar respectively. he requested the stars to support the Kannada film industry and to stop hosting these shows. He openly requested Sudeep to listen to the problems of the producers and come out of the Bigg Boss.

    Sa Ra told, this is now a request and if not accepted we will take a future course of action after few days.

    In the press meet, Producer A Ganesh told let's all go the BIGG Boss house and protest there. For this everyone accepted.

  • KFCC Donates 1 lakh to Hanumanthappa Koppad Family

    kfcc image

    Karnataka Film Chamber on Friday condoled the death of war hero Hanumanthappa Koppad and has decided to donate Rs One lakh for the family. On Friday afternoon, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had held a condolence meeting at its premises and it was decided to donate Rs one lakh for the family.

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, Karntaka Chalanachitra Academy president S V Rajendra Singh Babu, Umesh Banakar, M G Ramamurthy and others were present at the occasion.

  • KFCC Election on June 26th

    kfcc elections

    The election to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce will be held on June 26. The calendar of events for the elections has been announced. Nominations can be filed between June 9 and June 15. The nominations will be scrutinized on June 16 and can be withdrawn before 19th June. The voting will take place on June 26 and the counting and announcement of results is on the same evening. The elections is for all sectors and posts including the president.

    721 producers, 378 distributors and 136 Exhibitors are eligible to cast their votes.

    This time President will be from the distributors wing. For the post of president, there are three main candidates this time. NM Suresh is a senior producer and also an experienced hand in the KFCC affairs. Suresh has also worked as the president of the Malleshwaram co-operative bank and therefore has  the experience of running a big organisation. Another contender is Chinne Gowda. He is also an experienced producer and distributor for many decades. He is a respected film personality and a kind of 'person with no enemies'.  The third contender is Mars Suresh. He too is an experienced  distributor with experience in different industries apart from Kannada. He too has experience working in various committees and departments of KFCC before. It has to be seen apart from these three who are all going file nomination for president post.

    Sa Ra Govindu's term has been eventful in the last two years. He has steered the KFCC in difficult times and managed to get the best out of the government and other sectors. Most recently there was a crisis with the digital service providers and Govindu managed to get the best deal for Kannada films.

  • KFCC Felicitates and Submits a Memorandum to Mayor

    kfcc felicitate mayor image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday afternoon, felicitated Bangalore Mayor Shanthakumari and submitted a memorandum regarding street publicity. Not only the Kannada film industry but all the film industries have strongly depended on street publicity including posters and hoardings. But in the recent years, the BBMP staff have been very strict and is hellbent upon removing the posters and hoardings, to beautify Bangalore city. With this medium of publicity being closed, the producers are finding it difficult to promote or publicise their films.

    So, the KFCC submitted a memorandum to the Mayor to identify few places for posters and hoardings so that the producers and makers use it promote their films. Mayor Shanthakumari in turn said she will see into the matter and take necessary to help the Kannada film industry and the producers soon.


  • KFCC Hands Over Flood Relief Cheques

    kfcc hands over flood relief cheque

    The Karnataka Film Chamber or Commerce is handing over a cheque for Rs 20 lakh to the Chief Minister's relief fund for relief work in flood affected Kodagu district of the State. The KFCC has also giving Rs 5 lakh to Kerala State for relief work there.

    The office bearers of KFCC and film personalities including KfCC president Chinne Gowda, producers Rockline Venkatesh, K Manju, Karisubbu, KM Veeresh, Shilpa Srinivas, Ba Ma Harish and others were present at the KFCC office when the announcement was made earlier today. Chinne Gowda said that the film industry is beind the people of Kodagu and other affected places and will do whatever possible in the relief efforts.

    He said that film actors and other film personalities were also doing their best in their individual capacities and the industry as a whole would be ever ready if anything is required of them in the days to come. He hoped that the relief efforts reach all those affected and those who have lost family members and properties would recover from this tragedy and rebuild their lives at the earliest.


  • KFCC Honor Champa

    champa honored by kfcc

    Kfcc president SA Ra Govindu and team today honoured Prof Chandrashekhar Patil popularly known as Champa. 

    Last week Champa was selected as the president for the 83rd Kannada Sahithya Parishath which will be held at Mysore on November 23rd. Sa Ra Govindu remembered the contribution of Champa to the Kannada Literary world and how he struggled during Gokak Cheluvali.

    Speaking to Chitraloka Champa told ‘It was because of Dr Rajkumar entry we got huge strength during our Gokak cheluvali. I will do my best for the Kannada and to the Kannada film industry. I know the problems which our Kannada films are facing. In my speech I will definitely raise my voice towards this. Kfcc secretary MG Ramamurthy, Narasimhalu, Vice President Umesh Banakar, Treasurer Rajendra and producer KM Veeresh were there during the honour.


  • KFCC Honor CM Siddaramaiah

    kfcc honor cm image

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu and team along with Kannada Chalanachitra Academy chairman Rajendra Singh Babu and MLC Dr Jayamala went to Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah residence and honored him for supporting the Kannada film industry with bumper in the recent budget.

    Producer A Ganesh, DK Ramakrishna, Narasimhalu, C Rajendra and others were during the event.



  • KFCC Office Bearers Meet Chief Minister

    kfcc office bearers meet cm of karnataka

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu and other office bearers today met Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and explained the problems which would happen once GST is imposed in cinema industry and how the industry suffers. The Chief Minister has assured that he will look into the matter.

    Former presidents KCN chandrashekar, Thomas Dsouza, MG Ramamurthy, N M Suresh, Narasimhalu, South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce Vice President A Ganesh, D.K. Ramakrishna, KM Veeresh, C Rajendra and others were also present at the occasion.

  • KFCC Office Bearers Take Siddaganga Swamiji Blessings

    kfcc office bearers with siddaganga swamiji image

    Team of office bearers had been to Siddaganga mutt and wished Sri Shivakumara Swamiji on his 109 th birthday and took his blessings. KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu, MG Rammurthy, NM Suresh, Umesh Banakar, Jairaj, Dinesh Gandhi, Narasimalu went to mutt and donated Rs 1.09 Lacs to swamiji.

  • KFCC Organises Parvathamma Condolence Meet

    parvathamma rajkumar condolence meet

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had organised a condolence meet of Parvathamma Rajakumar at the Gururaja Kalyana Mantapa in Bangalore on Monday morning.

    Many personalities from the Kannada film industry including KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, B Sarajodadevi, Rajesh, Jayanthi, Dwarkish, Dr Jayamala, Shivaram, Vijay Raghavendra, S K Bhagavan, Rockline Venkatesh, Shruthi, Gurukiran, Hema Chaudhary, Hamsalekha, Ashok, K C N Chandrashekhar, S A Govindaraj, S A Chinnegowda, Sanjana and others were present during the occasion.

    Parvathamma's sons Shivarajakumar, Raghavendra Rajakumar and Puneeth Rajakumar were also present during the occasion.

  • KFCC Producers Strike From June 01st

    kfcc producers meeting image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Sunday had held a meeting on Sunday and there it was decided that the producers will go on a hunger strike from the 01st of June.

    The KFCC Had organised a meeting to discuss the ongoing problems faced by the Kannada film producers in Basanth Residence in Gandhinagar on Sunday. Many problems including hike in the Qube and the UFO systems, artistes going to small screen, channels not buying the satellite rights and other issues were discussed. There it was decided that if the problems are not solved, then the producers are ready to shutdown the film industry. Even before that the producers have decided to go on a 10 day strike from tomorrow (June 01st) and hunger strike after that and producers including Jayasimha Musuri, Krishnegowda and others have decided to sit on a strike in front of the KFCC. After that also, if the problems doesn't get solved then the producers are planning to stop the production of new films.


    Many producers including Sa Ra Govindu, Jaggesh, K C N Kumar, Umesh Banakar Rajendra Singh Babu, B Vijayakumar, KCN Chandrashekar, Chinnegowdaru, Safire Venkatesh, A Ganesh, Praveen, Ba Ma Harish, BR Keshava, Chingari Mahaedeve, Exhibitor Venkatesh, Narasimhalu and others were present at the meeting.

  • KFCC Protest Successful At Kolar

    kolar rally image

    The Kannada film industry on Sunday stopped all the activities and supported the permanent water supply to Kolar district. On Sunday, many of the artistes and technicians assembled near the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and went to Kolar and held a rally to support the permanent water supply to Kolar district.

    Actors Ravichandran, Shivarajakumar, Puneeth Rajakumar, Darshan, Vijay, Ragini, Pooja Gandhi, Shruthi, Rockline Venkatesh, KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, KFPC president Muniratna and others were present during the occasion

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  • KFCC Recognition For Chitraloka

    kfcc recognition to chitraloka

    Chitraloka.Com has become the first film website and Kannada film news provider to be officially recognised by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. 

    Till now, only two Kannada newspapers, Udayavani, Kannada Prabha and Hosa Digantha are officially recognised as partners of the Kannada film industry. The recognition means that Chitraloka is the only official online partner for Kannada films and subject to the mandates of the KFCC. Chitraloka is now the only official online partner for Kannada films. 

    Chitraloka and team thanks KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, Officer bearers and Executive committee members of KFCC for recognising chitraloka

  • KFCC Remembers late Siddalingaiah and K N Taylor

    kfcc condolence image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Monday afternoon mourned the death of late directors Siddalingaiah and K N Taylor who died last week due to health related issues. A number of dignitaries including KFCC president Thomas D'Souza, secretaries Ba Ma Harish and B R Keshav, Dwarkish, K S L Swamy, Dr Jayamala, K V Chandrashekhar, Nagabharana, Hema Chaudhary, Chinnegowdaru, Bharghava, Bhagwan, Raghu and others including KFCC Executive Committee members were present at the occasion and remembered Siddalingaiah and K N Taylor.


    Dr Jayamala said that both Siddalingaiah and K N Taylor were here mentors. While Siddalingaiah introduced her to Kannada cinema, it was K N Taylor who gave her a big break in Tulu cinemas. Jayamala said it was very sad that her mentors died in a week's time.

    KFCC ex-president K V Chandrashekhar said that the government must name a couple of awards in Siddalingaiah and K N Taylor's name in the coming years.


  • KFCC Requests Tax Dept To Cap Ticket Prices Immediately

    kfcc requests tax department

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has requested the Commercial Tax Department to stop high pricing of tickets immediately. Chief Minister Suddaramaiah has announced on Monday that the government notification on Rs 200 cap on Film tickets will be announced within two days.

    KFCC in a request to the concerned tax officer in Bengaluru has said that since the notification is being issued the authorities should stop exorbitant prices from this week itself. 

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, secretaries MG Ramamurthy, Narasimhalu and treasurer Rajendra met commissioner of commercial tax Rithvik Ranjanam Pandey and gave the request letter to inform all theatres not to increase ticket rates above 200.

  • KFCC Requests To Government

    kfcc office bearers image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has decided to urge the state government to increase the subsidy amount to 15 lakhs. Right now the Government has been giving Rs 10 lakhs for 100 films and the KFCC is all set to request an hike by Rs 5 lakhs from next year.

    KFCC's new president Thomas D'Souza himself said during his first press conference as the KFCC president.

    'We are planning to urge the government to increase in the subsidy amount apart from sanctioning land at hobli and taluk levels for the construction of Janata Chitra Mandira. We also request the government to bring in the Anti-Gooda act in full form and to curb the excess ticket price in multiplexes' said Thomas D'Souza.

    KFCC's new office bearers A Ganesh, Ba Ma Harish, B R Keshava, G Venkatesh and others were present at the press conference


  • KFCC Support To Mastigudi Producer

    kfcc support to mastigudi producer

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu along with Duniya Vijay and Kannada producers like MG Ramamurthy, A Ganesh and KM Veeresh visited the Ramangara jail to meet Mastigudi producer Sundar. Sundar has been arrested for the death of Uday and Anil at the film's shooting. Director Nagshekar and stunt master Ravi Verma are absconding.

    Though it was the mistake of the director and stunt master, the producer is in jail. This has hurt the other producers. Sundar has been made the A1 in the FIR by the police. The producers consoled Sundar and assured that they will take steps to help him.

    At the same time movie's lead actor Duniya Vijay who was there spoke to Sundar. He became emotional and hugged Sundar and started crying.

  • KFCC Supports Kalasa-Banduri Project

    kfcc image

    Just days after actors Sudeep and Shivarajakumar supporting the implementation of the Kalasa-Banduri canal project in North Karnataka, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has also decided to support the implementation of the canal project and will be joining the ongoing agitation on the 13th of September.

    On Wednesday, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had held a meeting and it was decided there to support the ongoing agitation by farmers. It was decided that the entire industry will be participating the ongoing agitation on the 13th of September. The industry is likely to shut down for one day and will be supporting the cause on that day.


  • KFCC Supports Mahadayi; To Hold A Meeting Today

    kfcc to hold mahadayi meeting

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has come in full support of the farmers protest about the implementation of the Kalasa-Banduri canal project in North Karnataka. The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has also decided to support the implementation of the canal project and has supported the bundh called in North Karnataka.

    Meanwhile, the KFCC has held a meeting at 3 PM today afternoon to discuss about the industry's stand regarding the issue. Many celebrities including Shivarajakumar, Jaggesh, Dhruva Sarja and others has been invited by the KFCC to attend the meeting and discuss about the issue.

  • KFCC To Take Action On Srinivasa Raju

    kfcc to take action on srinivas raju

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has said that it will take action on director Srinivasa Raju for his objectionable scene in the movie 2. The scene was deleted by the Censor Board but has been leaked in the last few days leading to a major controversy. The scene is about a police officer torturing a woman suspect. Ravishankar and Sanjjanaa are the main actors in the scene.

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu is very upset with the controversy surrounding the scene. The alleged nude vide of Sanjjana that was leaked has been in the centre of controversy. While Sanjjanaa today said that she was wearing a dress that was masked and it was not really a nude video the film industry is upset with the bad potrayal of the police and the disgrace the video is brining. 

    Speaking to Chitraloka Sa Ra Govindu said that KFCC is calling a meeting with the Directors Association and will take action against Srinivasa Raju for making this type of scene and insulting the police department. "We are going to call actor Ravishankar and Sanjjana to hear what exactly happened and how they accepted to do this scene and what happened there," Govindu said. Will Srinivasa Raju be banned in the Kannada film industry is to be seen.


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