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darshan injury

  • From Amazon Basin to Darshan's Home - Exclusive

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    While Darshan is recovering from the small injury the new pet is keeping him company. The bird is known as Pancharangi Gini in Kannada and had one of the most colourful feathers in the bird kingdom. Most of us have seen this bird only in the Hollywood film Rio. 

    But Sandalwood star Darshan has now got a Scarlet Macaw as his latest pet. The bird is native to the Amazon forests of South America but is a popular and luxury pet the world over. 

    Darshan is known for his love for pets and has hundreds of animals in his farm and home. The Macaw is the latest.

    Darshan is currently recovering from an injury to his arm he sustained last week while working out in a gym. He has been advised rest for sometime. Therefore the shooting of his new film Jaggu Dada is held up for sometime.


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