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  • Bangalore 560023 Postponed to November 20th

    bangalore 560023 image

    If everything had gone right, then JK starrer 'Bangalore 560023' was supposed to release on the 06th of November. However, the film's release got postponed due to non-availability of theaters and the film has been postponed to November 20th.

    'Bangalore 560023' is a remake of Tamil film 'Chennai 600028' and the film which is set in the back drop of cricket. As the film has cricket as its backdrop, Celebrity Cricket League players as well as actors like Jai Karthik, Dhruva, Rajeev have been roped in for the film. Small screen star Chandan along with Chikkanna also play prominent roles in the film. Sanjana and Shivani are the heroines of the film.

    The film is being produced by Puneeth B P and Manu. K S Dharani is the cinematographer while Arun Andrews is the music director of the film. The audio of the film was launched by Sudeep a few months back.

  • Rajeev Back As A Hero Through Usire Usire

    rajeev back as hero

    Cricketer turned actor Rajeev, who had acted in many films including 'Hebbuli' is acting as a hero in a new film called 'Usire Usire'. The film was launched recently and Sudeep sounded the clap for the first shot of the film.

    This is not the first time that Rajeev is acting as a hero and before this he had acted in 'Strishakthi'. The film did not make much news and after that Rajeev was restricted to supporting roles. Now Rajeev is making his comeback as a hero through this film.

    The film is being produced by H R Rajesh and directed by C M Vijay. Vivek Chakravarthy is the music composer.