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  • Bigg Boss 3 Starts in Colors Kannada

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    The hugely popular reality show of Kannada television, 'Big Boss' was launched on Sunday in Colors Kannada. This is the third edition of the programme and this year also Sudeep is hosting the show.

    There are a total of 15 contestants in the show and the show started with Tsunami Kitty entering the 'Big Boss' house. After that Pooja Gandhi, Rehman Hasib, music director Ravi Muru has entered the house. The other contestants who will be entering the house includes Bhavana Kitty, RJ Netra, Chandran, Kritika, Master Anand, Madhuri Itagi, cricketer Ayyappa, Neha Gowda and others.

  • Kitty and Gowthami Eliminated from Bigg Boss

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    Tsunami Kitty and Gowthami have been eliminated from the third season of the 'Big Boss' and now there are only six contestants left in the house. With Sushma eliminated from the house last week, only eight contestants were left including Shruthi, Anand, Chandan, Ayyappa, Pooja Gandhi, Rehman,Tsunami Kitty and Gowthami in the house.

    'Bigg Boss' had nominated all the eight contestants straightly this week and out of the eight contestants, Tsunami Kitty and Gowthami have been eliminated from the house.

    Tsunami Kitty has created the record in all the Bigg boss history for getting nominated for elimination most of the time!

  • Neha Gowda Out of Bigg Boss3

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    Actress Neha Gowda has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss 3 house. Four contestants Tsunami Kitty, Neha, Rehaman and Anand were in the elimination list. Last week Rehaman, Neha, Pooja Gandhi and Tsunami Kitty were nominated for elimination but Pooja Gandhi was eliminated and later she was kept in the secret room to observe other contestants activities in the house. Pooja entered back to room on Friday.

    Earlier, Madhuri Itagi, Jayashri, Huchcha Venkat and Ravi Mooroor were eliminated from the third season of the 'Bigg Boss'

    Tsunami Kitty who has has the habit of getting nominated regularly has been appointed as Captain of the house this week and he will be safe for the next week. Interesting thing is in the history of Bigg Boss only Tsunami Kitty has been nominated six times which will be a record!