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biggboss 3 contestants

  • Bigg Boss 3 Starts in Colors Kannada

    bigg boss image

    The hugely popular reality show of Kannada television, 'Big Boss' was launched on Sunday in Colors Kannada. This is the third edition of the programme and this year also Sudeep is hosting the show.

    There are a total of 15 contestants in the show and the show started with Tsunami Kitty entering the 'Big Boss' house. After that Pooja Gandhi, Rehman Hasib, music director Ravi Muru has entered the house. The other contestants who will be entering the house includes Bhavana Kitty, RJ Netra, Chandran, Kritika, Master Anand, Madhuri Itagi, cricketer Ayyappa, Neha Gowda and others.

  • Huchcha Venkat to Re-Release on December 18th

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    Venkat who is fondly known as Huchcha Venkat is all set to release his previous film 'Huchcha Venkat' once again on the 18th of December. Venkat had released 'Huchcha Venkat' last  year. But the film turned out to be a huge flop with public ignoring the film completely. Venkat had even lashed out at the public for not seeing the film. However, the video in which Venkat lashed out at public became viral at the youtube, Venkat gained huge publicity and popularity. After this many things happened in Venkat's life and Venkat is considered as the most controversial personality of the year.

    With the new found popularity, Venkat is planning to release the film so that he can encash it and haa announced that he will rerelease 'Huchcha Venkat' once again this month. Will Venkat be successful atleast this time is yet to be seen?

  • Madhuri, Krutika to be Part of Bigg Boss 3

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    The countdown for the launch of the third season of 'Big Boss' has started and the reality programme is all set to be launched on the 25th of October. How much ever the channel is tightlipped about the participants, a few of the participants have finally been revealed.

    According to sources, Madhuri of 'Rambo' fame and Krutika of 'Radha Kalyana' fame has been finalsed. Apart from these two 'Nagamandala' Vijayalakshmi, Chandan, Huchcha Venkat, Tsunami Kitty, Mythrea Gowda will also be a part of the show. The show will resume from the 26th of November at 9 PM.

    More details about the reality show is yet awaited.

  • Nethra Out of Bigg Boss3

    Nethra image

    Nethra has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss 3. As usual Tsunami Kitty, Rehaman, Shruthi, Kruthika and Netra were in the elimination list. First to come out of Bigg boss3 was Madhuri Itagi followed by Jayashri, Huchcha Venkat, Ravi Mooroor. Tsunami Kitty has created record for getting nomination for elimination most of the time and every time he was been saved.  

    Pooja Gandhi was eliminated from the house but was kept in the secret room and later got entry to the house. Mithra and Gouthami entered the house through wild card. Bigg boss has completed 50 days!

    This week Sushma Veera entry to the house has created some sensation.

  • Police to Arrest Hucha Venkat? - Exclusive

    bigg boss huccha venkat image

    Hucha Venkat is in trouble. Sources tell Chitraloka that police have registered a suo moto case against him for assaulting Mr Ravi Mooroor in Kannada Bigg Boss season 3. This will be the first such case based on what has happened in a reality show.

    This is not the first time police have registered a case against Venkat. A few years ago police took him for interrogation when he announced he was marrying actress.

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  • Shruthi, Bhavana Belagere and Pooja Gandhi for Bigg Boss?

    shruthi, pooja gandhi, bhavana belegare image

    With just two days to go for the launch of the third season of 'Big Boss' in Colors Kannada, some more names have been finalised to be a part of the show. Earlier, there were news that  Madhuri of 'Rambo' fame and Krutika of 'Radha Kalyana' fame, 'Nagamandala' Vijayalakshmi, Chandan, Huchcha Venkat, Tsunami Kitty, Mythrea Gowda, Rehman, Master Anand will be participating in the show. Now there is a news that actress Shruthi, Pooja Gandhi and journalist Bhavana Belagere will also be participating in the show.

    The show is scheduled to be launched on the 25th of October at 6 PM.

  • Sushma Eliminated From Bigg Boss

    sushma veer image

    Actress Sushma Veer who had entered the 'Big Boss' house in a wild card entry has been eliminated from the third season of the 'Bigg Boss'. This week Chandan, Ayyappa, Pooja Gandhi, Rahman and Sushma were nominated for elimination and out of the five, Sushma Veer has been eliminated from the house.

    With one more contestant going from the house and the show coming to an end, only eight contestants are left including Shruthi, Anand, Chandan, Ayyappa, Pooja Gandhi, Rehman,Tsunami Kitty and Gowthami are left in the house. Who among the eight wins this season is yet to be seen in the coming days.