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  • Ganga to Release on October 22nd

    ganga image

    Malashree starrer 'Ganga' being directed by Saiprakash and produced by Ramu is all set to be released on the eve (October 22) of Vijayadashami festival across Karnataka. Malashree will be seen in two shades in the film. One of an auto driver and the second is of a house wife. While, the first half of the film shows Malashree as an auto driver, the second half will have Malashree as an house wife.


    Apart from Malashree, Ravi Chetan, Hema Chaudhary, Suchendra Prasad, Pavithra Lokesh and others play prominent roles in the film. Rajesh Khatta is the cameraman, while Arjun Janya is the music director. 'Dilwala' director Anil has written the dialogues for the film.

  • Mumbai Movie Review

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    Producer Ramu is known for his extravagant action films and he is back with one more. This time it is directed by SR Ramesh of the SR Brothers fame. Madarangi Krishna gets his biggest film to date as hero. However the film is not completely an action film. There is also a nice little love story that is entwined in it. New heroine Teju makes it to Sandalwood with this 

    Krishna plays a bar cashier who falls in love with a neighboring girl. He beats up a local rowdy who harasses her. His fighting abilities are noted by a Mumbai gangster supplier who wants him to join a gang in Mumbai. But Krishna is not interested. But there comes a reason for him to do it even leaving behind the girl. What is that reason and what happens to his love? This is answered in the film in an engaging romantic action film. 

    Krishna has acted like a seasoned pro. He is real hero material. New heroine Teju shows all signs of becoming a good actress for Sandalwood. The comedy in the film is provided by Kaddipudi Chandru, Kote Prabhakar and Bullet Prakash. There is some entertaining music by Sridhar Sambhram and good dialogues by Manu. 

    If you enjoy the kind of action movies with chivalry you will like Mumbai. It is for the mass audience. The last one hour of the film is pakka mass.

    Chitraloka Rating - 3/5

  • Puneeth Rajakumar Releases Mumbai Songs

    mumbai audio rel by puneeth rajkumar

    Puneeth Rajakumar on Saturday evening released the songs of 'Madarangi' Krishna's new film 'Mumbai' being produced by Ramu.

    The audio release event was held at the Renukamba Preview Theater in Malleshwaram and many celebrities including Puneeth Rajakumar, Malasri, Krishna, Teju, Chaswa, music composer Sridhar Sambhram and others were present at the occasion. 


    'Mumbai' is being directed by Ramesh of S R Brothers fame, who earlier scripted 'AK 47' and directed films like 'Nanjundi' and 'PUC'. Now Ramesh himself has written the story and screenplay apart from directing the film.

  • Ramu Questions Manju's Role in Film

    ramu malashree image

    Producer Ramu jumped to the defence of his wife Malashree on Saturday. On Friday K Manju and Imran Sardariya had spoken against the alleged unprofessional attitude of the actress in the film Uppu Huli Khara. This came after Malashree's outburst on Thursday after she was removed from the film by a SMS sent by Imran which said her performance in the film was not up to the mark. 

    On Saturday Malashree termed all the allegations against her as false. But it was Ramu who gave specific explanations and questioned the credibility of both Manju and Imran.


    About Imran he said that a director should know how to extract work from actors. He questioned Imran's commitment asking how he was managing to do both choreography and direction at the same time. He was working as choreographer in Sudeep film now and also claiming to be directing a film. Without full commitment to direction he cannot make a good film. He asked what great films Imran has made so far. On the other hand Malashree has acted in hundred films right from childhood he said. He challenged Imran to come up with a great script even if was as big as Bahubali and he would produce it. He was upset at Imran saying Malashree was not up to the mark in acting in Uppu Huli Khara when no shooting has taken place.

    Ramu said Imran had made only one flop film and should not be talking like Hunsur Krishnamurthy or Puttanna Kanagal. 

    About K Manju, Ramu asked why he was poking about this film if he was not its producer. First he said he is not using his name for fear of income tax department and is the benami producer in his friend Ramesh Reddy name. But at the same time he was producing Santu Straight Forward and using his name. There was something fishy as at the launch of the film he was acting like a guest while Sudha Murthy who was said to be the guest was acting like a producer and welcoming all guests. So who was the real producer? If Manju was not he had no authority to talk about Malashree in the film. 

    He said he had respect for Manju and knew he had attained success by hard work and wished him more success. But it was not right on his part to make fun of an actress like Malashree and shout at her in the press meet on Friday.

    Ramu said he is also contemplating legal action against the Uppu Huli Khara makers.

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  • Ramu's New Film With Prajwal Called 'Arjun Gowda'

    ramu and prajwal devaraj team up for arjun gowda

    Well known producer Ramu's last release 'Raj-Vishnu' was a flop at the box-office. After that Ramu had not produced any films and now the senior producer is all set to make a comeback with a new film called 'Arjun Gowda'. This is Ramu's 38th film as a producer.

    'Arjun Gowda' is being directed by Lucky Shankar who had directed films like 'Jilebi', 'Devarane', '90' and others. Shankar himself has scripted the film apart from directing it. The film has nothing to do with Telugu hit 'Arjun Reddy' starring Vijay Devarakonda.

    'Arjun Gowda' is all set to be launched in the month of June. The star cast is yet to be finalized. Meanwhile, Jai Anand has been roped in as the cameraman for this film, while Milind Dharmasena is the music director.