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  • Bhavana Eliminated From Bigg Boss

    bhavana belegere image

    Journalist and wife of actor Srinagara Kitty, Bhavana Belagere who has been in the 'Big Boss 3' from the beginning has been eliminated from the show this week. This week Bhavana Belagere has been in the elimination list along with Sushma and others.

    Out of the them Bhavana Belagere has been eliminated from the show. Bhavana has joined the bandwagon of contestants including Netra, Mitra, Jayshri, Madhuri Itagi, Neha Gowda and others.

  • Bigg Boss 3 To Be Launched on October 24

    bigg boss3 image

    The third edition of 'Big Boss' is all set to be launched on the 24th of October. The hugely popular reality programme will be aired in the Colors Kannada channel from 24th from night 9 to 10.

    This time the shooting for the reality programme will be held at a specially constructed house at the Innovative Film City. Already the construction is over and the channel is finalising the contestants for the show. Earlier, there were speculations that Sudeep won't be hosting the show, instead Upendra has been roped in as the host of the show. However, the news turned false and Sudeep not only confirmed that he is hosting the show but also said participated in the promo shoot.

    After that there were many speculations about who would be contesting in the programme. There were rumours that Rakshith Shetty, Satish Neenasam, Huchcha Venkat and others might participate in the show. However, all the three declined about being the part of the show.

  • Huchcha Venkat Gets Bail

    huchcha venkat image

    Huchcha Venkat who was  sent to judicial custody by a magistrate court in Bengaluru will be released on Thursday. City civil court has granted him the bail and Huchcha Venkat will be out from the Parappana Agrahara prison.

    Earlier a complaint was filed against him for making derogatory comments against Dr BR Ambedkar on live tv show. Venkat has been given the under trial number 11379.

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  • Kitty and Gowthami Eliminated from Bigg Boss

    tsunami kitty, gauthami image

    Tsunami Kitty and Gowthami have been eliminated from the third season of the 'Big Boss' and now there are only six contestants left in the house. With Sushma eliminated from the house last week, only eight contestants were left including Shruthi, Anand, Chandan, Ayyappa, Pooja Gandhi, Rehman,Tsunami Kitty and Gowthami in the house.

    'Bigg Boss' had nominated all the eight contestants straightly this week and out of the eight contestants, Tsunami Kitty and Gowthami have been eliminated from the house.

    Tsunami Kitty has created the record in all the Bigg boss history for getting nominated for elimination most of the time!

  • Master Anand and Pooja Gandhi to Bigg Boss Finals

    bigg boss image

    Master Anand and Pooja Gandhi have entered the finals of the third season of the 'Big Boss'. The other two contestants entering the final will be finalised on Saturday. This week there were six contestants left in the 'Big Boss' house including Shruthi, Pooja Gandhi, Rehman, Ayyappa, Master Anand and Chandan. Of the six Pooja Gandhi got a direct entry to the finals as she was elected as the captain this week and stayed out of the nomination for elimination.

    Of the five contestants, four except Master Anand was nominated for elimination. No one nominated Master Anand for elimination and he also got a direct entry to the final rounds.

    Now Master Anand and Pooja Gandhi have got a direct entry to the finals and two others who will be entering the final round will be finalised on Saturday.

  • Mitra Enters Bigg Boss House

    mitra image

    Well known comedian Mitra has entered the 'Big Boss' house on a wild card entry on Tuesday morning at 9 AM. The episode of Mitra's entry will be aired on Wednesday or Thursday night.

    Earlier, Madhuri Itagi, Jayashri, Ravi Mooroor and Huchcha Venkat were eliminated from the third season of the 'Big Boss', but no new contestants were added to the show. There is a news that Mitra as well as actress Gowthami Gowda will be entering the 'Big Boss' house through a wild card entry. Now Mitra has finally entered the house.

    Last time, comedian turned producer Bullet Prakash had gone to 'Big Boss' house on a wild card entry. This time it is Mitra

  • Pooja Gandhi Heart Broken?

    pooja gandhi image

    Looks like actress-producer Pooja Gandhi who is in the secret room of the  'Bigg Boss' house is heart broken and wants to exit from the show soon. The reason for her state is none other than cricketer Ayyappa.

    In the past few weeks every viewer of the show was sure that both Pooja Gandhi and Ayyappa were in love. Though Ayyappa was neutral, Pooja gave many clues about she being in love with Ayyappa. So, the viewers were sure that Pooja has a crush for Ayyappa.

    But on Tuesday night, Ayyappa confessed that he is in crush with a Coorgi girl. Pooja who was in the secret room watching all this was shattered and literally cried. Pooja said that she doesn't want to continue and wants to make an exit from the reality programme

    Will 'Big Boss' accepts Pooja Gandhi's wish of making an exit from the show is yet to be seen.

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  • Rakshith Shetty Rejects - Mythria To Bigg Boss

    Mythriya Gowda, rakshith shetty image

    The biggest guessing game is already on. Who is Bigg Boss season 3 and who is not is leading to much speculation. Here is some clarity on it. Mythriya Gowda is a sure shot contestant sources say. The actress who hit headlines after alleging that she has married former chief minister Sadananda Gowda's son will be in the Bigg Boss house.

    On the other hand actor Rakshit Shetty who has been rumoured to be part of the Season 3 has laughed out of it with a 'blah.' "Lol. I heard I am going to Bigg Boss... is it true. Feeling blah," the actor posted on Twitter. Bigg Boss host Sudeep wanted to know what the expression 'blah' meant. Rakshit explained that it was a Facebook emoticon meaning 'burst out laughing.' Sudeep also posted a 'blah' after that which meant that the rumour about Rakshit in Bigg Boss 3 is a big blah!

  • Ravi Mooruru Out From Bigg Boss 3

    ravi moorur image

    Ravi Moorur has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss season 3. In the last week itself everyone had expected Ravi Moorur to be out of Bigg Boss. Huccha Venkat who was popular in the Bigg Boss was thrown out for violence and for hitting Ravi. There was no elimination last week. But this week its the turn of Ravi.

    Madhuri was the first contestant to come out of Bigg Boss followed by dancer Jayashree.


  • Shruthi Likely to Win Bigg Boss 3

    shruthi image

    If sources are to be believed then actress Shruthi is likely to win the third season of 'Big Boss' being aired in Colors Kannada. The show was launched two week and the contestants have settled in the house in the last two week. Shruthi has been accepted as the captain on the first week by the inmates of the house as she is elder than everybody in the house. In last two weeks Shruthi is looking like she is adjusted to the house and will emerge as the winner.

    The other reason behind this doubt is, for the last two years Vijay Raghavendra and Akul Balaji had won the shows and this time there are chances that an opportunity would be given for a female to win the show. So, it is being said that Shruthi has all the chances of winning the show.

    The show has just started and it will be another three months left for the completionl. Who finally wins is yet to be seen in the coming days.

  • Sudeep Hopes to Get Some Good Sleep!

    bigg boss3 image

    Actor-director Sudeep has said that he is pretty excited about 'Big Boss 3' and is looking forward to host the most popular reality show of Kannada television. 'The last two seasons were very good and challenging. It is very difficult to balance the affairs of the people inside the house. They are wonderful people in the house and they have not come here because they don't have any work. It stays a lot to stay detached and disconnected from the world' said Sudeep.

    Sudeep says he has nothing to do with the elimination of the candidates. 'I have answered this question many times. I have nothing to do with the selection nor elimination of the contestants. Till now I don't know who all will be contesting and doesn't want to know also. As for as the elimination is concerned, it is purely based on voting system and I have nothing to do with it' says Sudeep.

    Sudeep is glad that the 'Big Boss' house is shifted from Lonavala to Bangalore. 'It was really a big task for me to travel all the way to Lonavala and host the show and come back here. I couldn't sleep for two days and had to work continuously. Now that the house is shifted to Bidadi, I hope I get some good sleep' said Sudeep.