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  • Anil And Uday Still Missing; Sundar Arrested

    anil and uday still missing, sundar arrested

    It's been nearly two days since actors Anil and Uday are missing, yet the bodies of the two actors have not been found. Meanwhile, producer Sundar Gowda who was absconding has been arrested on Tuesday night and has been sent to Ramanagar jail.

    The climax shooting for 'Mastigudi' was held at Thippagondanahalli lake on Monday. There was a scene when Vijay, Uday and Anil jump from an helicopter to the lake. Anil and Uday jumped together from the helicopter, while Vijay jumped after them. However, Uday and Anil went missing in the water and the bodies are yet to be found. Though the search parties are searching for the bodies, nothing has been confirmed yet.

    Meanwhile, producer Sundar Gowda, director Nagashekhar and stunt choreographer Ravi Verma were said to be absconding after the police started looking for the three. However, producer Sundar Gowda has been arrested on Tuesday night and has been setnt to Ramanagar jail for 14 days judicial custody.

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  • Jackson Vijay's Car sentiment

    jackson image

    Every actor, or for that matter any person has sentiments about their first vehicles, be it bicycle, motor cycle or a car. Duniya Vijay's sentiments stems from the struggling days of his film career. At the promotion of his new movie Jackson this morning,

    Vijay recalled how his producer Sunder Gowda and his first car are related. Vijay said that the first car he owned was a Maruti van which was also used for the shooting of Duniya, his first film as hero eight years ago. Vijay said that when he was still doing small roles and was bagged the Duniya lead role, Sunder Gowda and Anil wanted him to travel by car being an actor and gave him money. "Now I may travel in any car, but my favourite and first car is that Maruti van. Now Sunder has become a producer. He promoted me and I am sure he will produce films of all big stars in the future."

    jackson image
    sunder gowda, vijay

    The producer said that Jackson is being released in between 150 and 170 theatres. Narthaki will be the main theatre. Vijay did not want to dwell on the controversy over the theatre and the alleged threat he made to distributor Jayanna. "If there is a phone call let it come before everyone. A new producer is facing all these problems," Vijay said. The film also stars Pavana, Aishwarya, Rangayana Raghu among others. The director said that they wanted to release the film for Vijay's birthday but since it fell on a Tuesday they decided to release it for Sankranti festival.

  • KFCC Support To Mastigudi Producer

    kfcc support to mastigudi producer

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu along with Duniya Vijay and Kannada producers like MG Ramamurthy, A Ganesh and KM Veeresh visited the Ramangara jail to meet Mastigudi producer Sundar. Sundar has been arrested for the death of Uday and Anil at the film's shooting. Director Nagshekar and stunt master Ravi Verma are absconding.

    Though it was the mistake of the director and stunt master, the producer is in jail. This has hurt the other producers. Sundar has been made the A1 in the FIR by the police. The producers consoled Sundar and assured that they will take steps to help him.

    At the same time movie's lead actor Duniya Vijay who was there spoke to Sundar. He became emotional and hugged Sundar and started crying.

  • Mastigudi Producer Finally Gets Bail

    sunder gowda gets bail

    Sundar, the producer of Mastigudi, has finally obtained bail from the High Court of Karnataka on Thursday evening. Sundar is a close friend of Duniya Vijay and had earlier produced the film Jackson with him.

    Accidents During Shooting not Uncommon – But Mastigudi Is Negligence - KM Veeresh Writes

    Though Sundar had no role in the actual shooting of the film and the accident which resulted in the deaths of actors Uday and Anil, he was made one of the accused by the police as he was the producer. The entire film industry stood by Sundar on the issue and extended support to him. For no mistake of his, the producer spent over a month in jail.

    Anil And Uday Still Missing; Sundar Arrested

    Even stunt master Ravi Verma and director of the film Nagashekar got bail and came out of custody before the producer. Sundar's job was to adjust finance for the film as a producer. He was not involved in the day-to-day activities during shooting. This is taken care of by the experts in each department like director, stunt master, choreographer etc. The producer has no creative licence to make actors do what he wants. Even though he had paid all the money demanded by the technicians for safety measures, he had to suffer by going to jail.

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