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  • Yash Invitation For Wedding 

    yash image

    Actor Yash has started distributing the invitation cards for his wedding with Radhika Pandit. The wedding is fixed for December 10 and 11 at the Bengaluru Palace Grounds as per Chitraloka sources..

    The couple got engaged in Goa recently. Yash was seen giving the invite to Sri Nirmalanandanatha Swamiji recently. This is the most high profile wedding in Sandalwood in quite sometime. Yash and Radhika Pandit became stars with the same film Moggina Manasu and their recent film Santhu Straight Forward was done together and is still showing in theaters.

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  • Yash Invites Celebrities With Saplings!

    yash invites celebrities with saplings

    Actor Yash is all set to marry Radhika Pandith on the 10th and 11th of December at Palace Grounds in Bangalore. Meanwhile, Yash is busy with inviting the guests for his wedding and has visited many celebrities and has invited them for wedding.

    Yash in the last couple of days visited Shivarajakumar, Jaggesh, Sri Murali, former Chief Minister S M Krishna and others personally. He is also inviting many others through phone.

    One of the highlights of the invitation is, Yash is inviting everybody with a jasmine sapling and a book called 'Life Is Beautiful' written by well known journalist Jogi.

  • Yash Marries Radhika Pandith

    yash marries radhika pandith

    Actor Yash married his long time girl friend Radhika Pandith on Friday afternoon at Taj West End hotel in Bangalore. The marriage was attended by many politicians and celebrities from the Kannada film industry. Shivarajakumar, Ravichandran, Sudeep, former Chief Minister S M Krishna and others were present at the occasion.

    Yash and Radhika Pandith has organised a two day reception in Bangalore on 10th and 11th of December at the Tripura Vasini in Bangalore. Yash has invited his all media and film industry friends on the 10th of December, while the reception on Sunday is exclusively for fans of both the artistes and workers from the Kannada film industry.

  • Yash Meets Farmers Admist Wedding Preparations

    actor yash image

    Everyone may be thinking that Yash is busy distributing his wedding invitations the last few days. But the Sandalwood star is doing and has many more things on his mind than just the wedding. He had a long meeting with the members of the Kalasa-Banduri farmers in between all the preparatory work for his wedding which is just a few days ago. 

    Farmers from Naragunda called on Yash who not only made time for them but held a long discussion about what needs to be done about the fight that is going on for more than a year now seeking drinking water for north Karnataka. Sources say that the meeting and discussion went on for more than two hours.


  • Yash Radhika's Daughter's Name To Be Revealed On June 23rd

    Yashika's Daughter's Name To Be Revealed tomorrow

    Yash and Radhika has finally found a cute name for their baby girl and the couple is planning to reveal the name on Sunday the 23rd of June. 

    Yash himself has tweeted in his baby's name, that the name will be revealed on Sunday. Here is what Yash has tweeted in his baby's name. 'Hi everyone. I am finally getting a name. You guys were so sweet to suggest so many lovely names! Keeping that in mind my parents have come up with a beautiful name for me. Let's wait till June 23rd to find out!! Love, Baby YR' tweeted Yash.

    So, what would be Yash and Radhika Pandith's daughter's name. No other way than waiting till Sunday.

  • Yash Releases Akira Audio

    akira image

    Actor Yash recently released the audio of Aneesh Tejeshwar starrer 'Akira' at the Dr Ambedkar grounds in Basaveshwaranagar. Yash not only released the audio, but also wished the audio and film a huge success.


    It was a fun filled night at the Dr Ambedkar grounds in Bangalore and many artistes and technicians from the film industry including Vijay Raghavendra, Harshika Poonachcha, Vicky, Anup Bhandari, Nirup Bhandari, Meghana Gaonkar, Chetan Kumar, Karisubbu, Suni and others were present at the occasion.

    Aneesh Tejeshwar expressed his happiness to be a part of the film. Aditi Rao, Krishi Tapanda, director Naveen, producer Chetan, music director Ajaneesh Lokanath was present during the audio release of the function.

  • Yash Releases The Photo Of His Daughter

    yash releases the photo of his daughter

    As promised earlier, actor Yash has released the first photo of his cute daughter on the auspicious day of Akshaya Thritiya on Tuesday.

    Yash had announced that he would be releasing the photo of his daughter on the auspicious day. Likewise, Yash released the photo via twitter in the morning and the photo has been the most talked about in Kannada film industry and the moviegoers on Tuesday.

    Yash in his tweet has requested the people to shower their blessings on her. This is what Yash has tweeted along with the photo. 'Presenting to you The girl who rules my world. Since we haven't named her yet, let's call her baby YR for now. Do shower your love n blessings on her too' tweeted Yash.

  • Yash Releases The Songs Of Samyukta 2

    samyuktha 2 audio launch

    Actor Yash on Saturday night released the songs of Chetan Chandra starrer 'Samyukta 2' in Bangalore. MLA Somashekhar, 'Vishwavani' editor Vishweshwar Bhatt and others were present at the occasion.

    samyuktha2_audiorel.jpgThe horror film stars Chetan Chandra along with Neha Patil, Devaraj, Priyanka Malnad, Prabhu Surya, Sadhu Kokila and others. Abhiram has written the story and screenplay apart from directing the film.

    K V Ravichandra has composed the songs for the film, while Nagendra Prasad and K Kalyan has written the songs.

  • Yash says He Is Not Acting In 'Jodettu'

    yash says hes not actiong in jodeetu

    Actor Yash has confirmed that he will not be acting in a new film called 'Jodettu' to be produced by senior director M G Ramamurthy.

    'Jodettu' was a statement made by actor Darshan in reference to his campaigning along with Yash for the Mandya Lok Sabha elections. The term became very popular and many producers tried to en cash it by trying to do a film by that name. However, M G Ramamurthy got the title and announced that he will do a film called 'Jodettu'.

    Though Ramamurthy has announced that he will be doing a film, he has not got a green signal from Darshan for acting in the film. Meanwhile, Yash has confirmed that he will not act in the film.

    M G Ramamurthy who has produced films like 'Encounter Dayanayak' and 'Majestic' has silently registered a title called 'Jodettu' and is planning to produce a film under the same name.

    Darshan and Yash campaigned for independent candidate Sumalatha and the Chief Minister referred to the actors as 'Jodettu'. However, M G Ramamurthy has become successful in registering the title and is planning to produce the film with Darshan in lead role.

    Ramamurthy confirms of registering the title and planning to produce a film with the same name. Though the title is ready, Darshan is yet to give green signal for acting in the film.

  • Yash Says Why He Didn't Promote Santhu Straight Forward

    yash image

    Yash and Radhika Pandith starrer 'Santhu Straight Forward' which was released last week is doing good business all over. Yash who had not promoted the film till now, had come to the media meet first time on Friday.

    Asked about why he restrained from attending the media meet or promoting 'Santhu Straight Forward', Yash said that he strained because it should not affect the sentiments of the farmers.

    'Before the release of the film, there was some tiff with the media regarding the farmers issue. Some said that I have been using the farmers issue to promote the film. I am not such an insensitive person to use the farmers issue to promote the film. I really don't have the necessity to use such an issue. So, I restrained from promoting the film. I have not talked anything about the film so far. Now that the film is released, I will talk about the film' said Yash.

    Yash said he is very much happy about the success of the film. 'I wish to thank one and all for the success of the film. The team had dedicated eight months for the film and the success is because of the dedication of the team' said Yash.

  • Yash To Be The Brand Ambassador Of Colors Super Channel

    actor yash image

    Well known actor Yash will be the brand ambassador or face of the campaign of Colors Super Channel which is all set to be launched on the 24th of July officially. Already the promos featuring Yash promoting the channel has been shot and is already being aired in Kannada Colors channel.

    Colors Super is the second GEC of the Colors Network in Kannada market and the new channel is all set to expand the diversity of content genres in the market.The new channel will air television soaps like 'Sarpa Sambhandha', 'Girija Kalyana', Mangaluru Hudugi - Hubli Huduga', 'Naa Ninna Bidalaare', 'Bangara' and 'Anuraga' from the 25th of July.

  • Yash To Release Songs Of 'Raja Simha'

    yash to release raja simha songs

    The first teaser of Aniruddh starrer 'Raja Simha' was released on the birth anniversary of Dr Vishnuvardhan recently. Now the songs of the film is all set to be released on Sunday by 'Rocking Star' Yash.

    Apart from Yash, Upendra, Ambarish and others will also be present at the audio release to be held at the Chamundeshwari Studio in Bangalore on Sunday afternoon. 

    'Raja Simha' is written and directed by debutante Ravi Ram and is being produced by C D Rajanna. Nikitha Thukral plays the female lead in the film. Bharathi Vishnuvardhan plays an important role, apart from Ambarish.

  • Yash To Watch 'Gultoo' On Friday

    yash to watch gultoo

    Naveen Shankar and Sonu Gowda starrer 'Gultoo' is getting good response from all over and now actor Yash has expressed his desire to watch the film.

    After hearing good response from all over, Yash has come in support of the 'Gultoo' team and is ready to promote the film. Meanwhile, Yash will be watching the film at the Orion Mall in Bangalore on Friday evening.

    'Gultoo' is about cyber crime and the film is being written and directed by debutante Janardhan Chikkanna. Prashanth Reddy and Devaraj are the producers of the film. Amith Anand is the music director, while Shanti Sagar is the cameraman. 'Gultoo' stars Naveen Shankar, Sonu Gowda, Avinash, Rangayana Raghu and others in prominent roles.

  • Yash To Watch 'Tagaru' Today

    yash to watch tagaru today

    Well known actor Yash is all set to watch Shivarajakumar starrer 'Tagaru' at the Orion Mall in Bangalore today. Yash will be watching the film along with the team members at 4 PM today.

    Meanwhile, 'Tagaru' has been released in many cities in America on Friday and after that the film will be released in Europe, UAE and other places.

    'Tagaru' stars Shivarajakumar, Dhananjay, Vasishta Simha, Manvitha Harish, Bhavana Menon, Devaraj and others in prominent roles. 'Tagaru - Maiyyalla Pogaru' is being written and directed by Suri, while K P Srikanth is the producer. Mahendra Simha is the cinematographer, while Charan Raj of 'Godhi Banna Sadharana Maikattu' is the music director.

  • Yash Wants Wishes And Blessings Of Everybody

    yash radhika pandit image

    Actor Yash who got engaged to actress Radhika Pandith on Friday in Goa has asked his fans to wish and bless him. Yash and Radhika Pandith were dating for the last three years and there were speculations about their marriage for the last few months. However, the duo declined to talk about their relationship in public. Now the duo has put a full stop for the speculations and got engaged amidst fans and friends.

    Yash who was mum about his relationship with Radhika and finally accepted their relationship and has tweeted in this regard. Yash has tweeted that people can ask about his relationship with Radhika and he can talk about it officially now. Yash has also tweeted that he wants the wishes and blessings of everybody.

  • Yash's 'Kirataka 2' To Start From August 27th

    yash's kirataka to start from aug 27th

    Yash's latest film 'KGF' is all set to complete soon. Meanwhile, Yash has given green signal to act in a new film to be produced by Jayanna and Bhogendra and the film is all set to start from the 27th of August.

    'Kirataka 2' is being written and directed by Anil of 'Dilwala' and 'Rambo 2' fame. The film is a sequel to Yash's hit film 'Kirataka'. The film which was a remake of Tamil hit 'Kalavani'. The film was the first of Yash's continuous successful films. The film was directed by Pradeep Raj.

    The sequel is not a remake, but a straight subject written by Anil. The film has music by Arjun Janya and cinematography by Sudhakar Raj.

  • Yash's KGF Shooting Started Today

    yash's kgf

    The shooting for Yash's new film KGF, one of the most anticipated films in Sandalwood and said to be the highest budget film in the Kannada film industry, started today. The shooting started in Kolar Gold Fields on a huge set erected for the film. The set recreates KGF of the 1980s and is said to be the biggest one created for a Kannada film.

    The film team has kept the sets a secret and has not revealed its looks yet. Yash has grown a beard for his role in the film and has not acted in any other film for the last few months for this purpose. The film is directed by Prashant Neel who directed Ugramm earlier.

    It is produced by Hombale Films by producer Vijay Kiragandur. It reportedly has a budget of Rs 40 crore. 

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  • Yash's KGF' Completes 50 Days

    kgf completes 50 days

    Yash starrer 'KGF' which is a blockbuster at the box-office has completed a 50 day run. Even before the completion of 50 days, the film is already streaming in Amazon Prime and the Hindi version of the film will shortly be aired in Sony television.

    'KGF' is written and directed by Prashanth Neel who had earlier directed Murali starrer 'Ugram'. This is his second film as a director and the film is produced by Vijaykumar Kiragandur, who had earlier produced 'Rajakumara', 'Ninnindale' and 'Master Piece'. 

    'KGF' stars Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Tamanna Bhatia, Vasishta Simha, Achyuth Kumar, Nassar and others and will be released in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil languages simultaneously. The film has music by Ravi Basrur and camerawork is by Bhuvan Gowda.

  • Yash's Son Named Yatharv Yash

    Yash's Son Named Yatharv Yash

    Star couple Yash and Radhika Pandit who revealed the first photo of their son had said that they will be soon announcing the name of the baby boy. Now Yash's son has been named as Yatharv Yash.

    The naming ceremony Yatharv was held recently at Yash's Farmhouse, wherein a few fans and friends of the star couple were present. Amidst their presence, the baby boy was named as Yatharv. One of the highlights of the name is, it is a combination of Yash, Radhika and Aira

    After the naming ceremony, the star couple shared a video through social media. There is a small song in the background which is composed by well known music director Ravi Basrur.  

  • Yash's Work Draws Water

    yash image

    Natural spring water has started collecting in the Tallur lake in Koppal. This is the lake in which actor Yash's Yashomarga foundation has taken up desilting work. Because of silt the lake was not collecting water. The work started in the last week of February and is still underway. Even before completion water has started collecting in the lake from natural springs inside the lake. The lake is 96 acres across and its water will be used by villagers of 20 villages. After Yashomarga started work many villagers were inspired and have started working in removing silt from the lake.

    Yash has also clarified that as reported in some media, the cost of the lake rejuvenation project is not Rs 4 crore but will be completed in less than half that amount. This is possible because local villagers have come forward to do the work on voluntary basis and remove silt and transport it to their farms. The project has received maximum support from the people.


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