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cancer patient

  • Kashinath No More

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    Veteran actor, director Kashinath who was suffering from cancer is no more. Kashinath is known for comedy movies with double meaning dialogues. He has given chances to many youngsters like Upendra, V Manohar, Sunil Kumar Desai and others.

    Kashinatha first movie as a director was Aparoopada Athithigalu in 1975. His movie Anubhava in 1984 was a block buster and Abhinaya was introduced to the screen. Recently he had acted in Chowka movie

    Chitraloka mourn the death of Kashinath.


  • Vijay's Fan Wants to Watch RX Soori

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    'Duniya' Vijay is one actor who has been doing charity work for a long time. Vijay has been helping the needy since ages and has not taken much publicity for it. This time also Vijay is looking forward to help a fan of his. But it has to be seen whether Vijay can help him or not?

    Antony Raj from North Karnataka is a die hard fan of Vijay and has seen Vijay's all films right from 'Duniya'. For the past one and a half years, Antony is suffering from cancer. Antony wished to meet Vijay once and a channel helped him to meet Vijay through its programme.

    Antony Raj is happy of seeing Vijay. Now he wants to watch Vijay's latest film 'RX Soori' which is all set to hit the screens on the 28th of August. However, Antony Raj is very much critical. Will he be able to watch the film after its release is yet to be seen.