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  • Anant Nag Joins Sudeep in Advt

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    Veteran actor Anant Nag is part of the new OLX advertisement. Sudeep has been the regular in the OLX advertisement for sometime now. During the release of the film Ranna, comedy star Sadhu Kokila also joined Sudeep in that advertisement.

    Now it is the turn of Anant Nag. Nag and Sudeep shot for the new advertisement on Monday. Anant Nag is not new to advertisements either. One of the most recent was the Hindi advertisement for an insurance company.


  • Sudeep, Sadhu Kokila in New Ad

    sudeep, sadhu kokila image

    In the last couple of years Kannada film stars are seen more and more in television advertisements. Unlike few years ago when it was dominated by Hindi, Tamil and Telugu stars, now Kannada actors are not far behind.

    Sudeep is leading in this aspect promoting about 10 different products. Puneeth and Shivanna are stars who are also promoting multiple brands. Now both Sudeep and Sadhu Kokila are seen in the advertisement for OLX online used products market.