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parvarthamma rajkumar image
parvarthamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

There were rumors about me, that i stay away from reporters, that i do not like them; they are false accusations. I do not have much anger on them. I get angry only when someone write false news, or when some one commit any mistake.

There was a similar incident during the time of “Gandhada Gudi” movie. It was a photo of Vishnuvardhan and Rajkumar, who was smiling and folding hands. When that photo was published, a particular reported commented on the photo below stating “why is Rajkumar smiling?, is it because his role should turn out good?, is it because Vishnu’s role will be bad?, is it okay if his role turns out bad and vishunu’s will be be good?” after reading that any person would tend to get angry . is this the way anyone writes? Few days after that incident, I traveled to Mysore with Chi. Uday Shankar. Co incidentally, i met that reporters and i called them near me to speak. Chi Uday Shankar was with me when i called those reporters and he instantly witnessed my tone and guessed something was wrong. When those reporters arrived i straight away fired my questions at them. The reporters didn’t have any answers with them.

We faced another such incident during the shooting of Babruvahana. There were few reporters, who commented that Rajkumar did not know to act. I kept quite, even my husband kept quite. when Everyone was furious on those reporters who commented on Rajkumar’s acting skills, my husband subsided the situation telling “they have rights to write and they have written correctly. “ Many a times, there were incidents when a very upsetting questions were asked.

During the time of Raghu’s shooting, a reported asked me,” Raaghu or Rajkumar - who will act better ?’ is that a question to be asked, Raaghu is my son and Rajkumar is my husband . how can i possibly answer that question ? being a film industry person, i had complete faith in my son. Even under any circumstances, if anyone spoke something wrong, i never kept quiet.
After all these bad encounters with reporters, i made a rule that no reporter was allowed on the sets of Rajkumar’s movies. What was use of use of calling reporters to shooting if they were going to spread rumors? Few days later, reporters organised a programme and tried to fix things. My husband was asked to speak in that function. He agreed and during his speech he said “write whatever you want about me, but don’t write anything about my family .” Among the reporters there were few of them who were close to our family, they were P.G.Srinivas and Murthy, B.MK.

Once, when my husband was speaking to the senior reporter, he casually asked them “why do they write such things?”. The reporters then replied that “what can we do sir? Young hot blood?” upon hearing that Rajkumar instantly replied “so there’s is hot blood, our’s is staled blood ?”


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