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parvarthamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

From the last few weeks I am writing about the pathetic developments of the past. When the mind is dipped in sorrow it automatically makes us to talk like that. This is like the situation of tongue when the gums and teeth are paining.

When I remember my husband Dr.Rajkumar I recollect many incidents. Normally he was not wearing pant. When he was traveling in the flight he was wearing pants. In the house and on the way to shooting spot he was in white dhoti (panche). He was fond of checks and stripes lungies also. The colorful shirts like the children jacket was his choice too. The dress he was wearing was very popular and others were following his costumes in their life. This costume was selected for shooting of the song Poojisalendhe Hoogala Thande…..

The travel from Brindavan express train was his liking. He was not keeping money in his pocket. But when he was going by Brindavan to Madras he was not forgetting to keep money. For the friends who were traveling with him he was buying whatever that was coming for sale. By cutting jokes he was traveling like any other ordinary person in the train.

Another occasion he was keeping money in his pocket without fail was when he was going to Gajanur. From Rs.5 to Rs.100 currency note was in his pocket. In the morning and evening walk in Gajanur he was keeping money. He was passing on the money he had in his pocket to everyone who asked for money. For little children he was offering Rs.5. For elders he was offering Rs.50 and those who were in difficulty Rs.100 he was offering. I recollect the days of his walking in the village even to this day. Lifting one edge of dhoti, holding an umbrella in another hand is unforgettable for me.

When he was in the house he was not keeping money. When somebody comes to see he was advising me to give away something. Sometimes he was telling Rs.20 was OK when I had given Rs.50. Giving less or more I was in a fix and he was also in such piquant situation.

When he used to go to temples he was offering more for the donation box of the temple. He was giving less to the priests but more to the beggars who were sitting outside. He was of the opinion that the priests are well placed in their life.

Dr.Raj was offering Rs.20 in those days to the persons who were holding the 'Sambrani' (the perfumed smoke) inside the Nanjundeshwara temple. I want to see them now and offer clothes for them.

On Deepavali and Pongal festival days I was purchasing saree. I was giving it to the persons he was suggesting.

I am happy because the sons have also picked up the habit of donation in them. None of them have said don't give on any day. Rajesekhara says always the children never go alone when the elite class invited them for lunch or dinner. Driver was also invited to sit with them to eat. When there was lot of invitations for attending lunch we used to tell them to send the lunch when they feel comfortable to the house. On one fine day lunch from three persons landed in the house. That was distributed to all in the house. Dr.Raj going to every house for lunch was not possible.

We went to Sri Krishnadevaraya shooting to Jaipur. Rs.20 was the extra amount Dr.Raj was getting to get additional requirements. For that he was adding Rs.40 and getting non vegetarian food for all.

We were not getting vessels in Jaipur because we were eating non vegetarian food. The cook was not giving chapathis in Jaipur. We used to bring all commodities in the market and prepare it on our own. The hungry people around us should be satisfied. To bring that satisfaction is our duty. Then the God bless us – Dr.Raj was addressing pointing to the people who worked with him.

The additional food preparation in our room in Jaipur came to the notice of Mr Panthulu. He inquired the next morning. Dr.Raj was behaving as if nothing happened and requested him to forget about such developments.

UNFORGETTABLE – When the reach of class and power comes to a man whatever he does the people surrounding him tolerate it. But that does not mean that he should behave shabbily. With respect there will be love also. Instead of fear for a reason the reason should be devote one.

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