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parvarthamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

In the yesteryears I was traveling from Bangalore to Madras frequently. It was during the 'Gandhada Gudi' shooting in Karapura I saw cameraman D.V.Rajaram in Veeraswamy producer office in Bangalore. I was perplexed because when the shooting was taking place there what the cameraman is doing in Bangalore. I came to know from Rajaram that Dr.Raj is suffering from heat, he was passing blood in ablution and shooting has been stalled. I was shocked completely.

I immediately rushed with the income tax returns of Rs.5 lakhs I was supposed to file with Appi – Gubbi Veeranna's grand daughter. The car I hired broke down and rain was slashing heavily. It was around 12 in the midnight I was peeping in the vehicle for an alternative vehicle. It was dense forest area the vehicular movement was less but not of the animals. One fellow identified me and I rushed to actor Sampath's house in Mysore around 1 am and disturbed him. Sampath was suffering from fever. I took M.S.Rajasekhar with me and went to Karapura. It was at 4.30 am I reached Karapura my husband was seen doing exercise. He immediately asked me to take rest did not disclose about his health. Adhavani Lakshmi Devi narrated me about his health. When I inquired him about his health he said he is first class nothing has happened to him.

I sensed the problem and said I am meeting the director.

Dr.Raj immediately said why should I meet the director? I quoted some other reason and went to producer M.P.Shanker residence in Mysore. Shankerji was not aware of the ill health of Dr.Raj. Rajaram looking at the situation of Dr.Raj told that he would not shoot under such health condition of Dr.Raj. But director was prepared to shoot from the camera with associate director help. Knowing this Shankerji immediately stopped shooting.

After cancellation of shooting I took Dr.Raj to Gajanur and gave the treatment. After one week rest the shooting was resumed.

The reason why I narrate this incident is because at any situation Dr.Raj was ready to shoot. Complaint was not in his dictionary.

Today when the heroes ask for tender coconuts and juice of any fruit they get it. In those days the maximum thing provided was tender coconut.

As the children grew I made some changes in the quality of film making. Dr.Raj touching the cheeks of heroines, polishing the cheeks situations should be made in a majestic style that would command respect I thought. When there was long shot the background music is Ok. When the lyrics were heard the close up shots was a must I insisted. I was not telling this in front of everyone. I was informing the director on this aspect. But someone raised objection to this observation. Then I told them to get a dance sequence similar to 'Anarkali' film. A producer will be also having taste and thinking about creativity.

When 'Nee Nanna Gellalare' was around the corner we thought of dance director Sundar who did choreography for Kamal Hassan and others. He was also waiting for a chance to work in Dr.Rajkumar film.

For the title song `Nee Nanna Gellalare’ … thilidhu thilidhu chlavethake…. Actress Manjula was in shivers after rehearsals. But for completely three days Dr.Raj took part in the rehearsals and never complained of anything. In this age Dr.Rajkumar himself is dancing then why not you told Sundar to Manjula.

Dr.Raj was like that. In difficulty he was not mentioning about it.

UNFORGETTABLE – When the reach of class and power comes to a man whatever he does the people surrounding him tolerate it. But that does not mean that he should behave shabbily. With respect there will be love also. Instead of fear for a reason the reason should be devote one.


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