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parvathamma rajkumar image
parvathamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

Rajkumar did not act for 3 years as he didn’t find any good scripts. During that time i was travelling to Ganghadhareshwara temple with Chi Udayshankar. While travelling through Uma theatre circle, few auto drivers spotted Chi Udayshankar and confronted him as to why he not writing a good script for Rajkumar . when things started getting out of control, I had to get down from the car, intervene in matter. I scolded all those people who confronted Udayshankar telling that “what was Udayshankar’s mistake, he did not tell Rajkumar not to act, he didn’t act for 3 years, why are you blaming him.”

After that incident Chi Udayshankar visited our house straightaway instead of returning his home and went to rajkumar and told him “ sir, if u don’t act in films, people will throw stones at me .” it was then we took up the movie script called “Manasu Mallige”. All of us, along with Dore Bhagwan, started contemplating about this script. Chi Udayshanker did not like the script. When we narrated other script, he immediately liked it. It was a script written by Udayshankar’s teacher’s wife Vishalakshi Dakshina Murthy.

Udayshankar asked Rajkumar 3 months time to complete the script, my husband replied “take 6 months time, no hurry” upon hearing that udayshankar joked “ if i take 6 months time, people will throw stones at me” , having said that, he prepared the script within one month itself.

During the time of “Ravichandra” movie, Rajkumar started taking complete responsibility of the movies. He started making movies through Vajreshwari itself. The first 3 movies of Shivanna was also done by me. Between all these, Rajkumar had again given hatrick of 25 weeks success through the movies Jeevana Chaitra, Aksmikha, Hodhahuttidhavaru.

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