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parvathamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

I have an interest towards historical movies. According to me, any actor who acts in those characters should be capable to carry those roles well. Few years ago, a director had approached Shivannna to act in the role of kumara Rama. I refused it then, because i felt that Shivanna had to improve his acting skills and dialogue delivery skills. When recently, a producer approached for the same role, i agreed because i felt Shivanna has achieved all those things which was lacking before and now he has the power to act in that role.

Nobody had to teach Rajkumar all these, he had experienced and progressed in all these. At the theatre company Rajkumar played roles of Arjuna, Krishna, RamaKanth, Abhimanyu etc. In roles like these there will be s style called “walking style” and Rajkumar had that in him. Even the sword fighting was learnt from theater company.Every time i keep telling Shivanna to constantly watch movies like “bhookailasa”, “Mayura”, “Babruvahana”, “Mahishasura Mardini” . For Rajkumar, acting in these roles was an art, but for my children all these were new and they had to learn it."

Rajkumar used to prepare himself for every single role he played. He excercised a lot and shrink his body for the roles which includes social responsibilities, family oriented scripts. For the roles relating to mythology he used to do different workout and build his shoulder muscles. For any person who has broad shoulder, it is always easy to act in historical or mythological role.

Appu can easily act in such roles. I have a desire to make a movie with Appu – Shivanna in the roles of Bharatha-Bahubali. They suite very well for those roles. Few people might wonder who will watch such movies. Even while making “Mayura” movie, few distributors remarked that no one will watch such movies. Immediately i reacted saying, Mayura was the first Emperor of Karnataka, will kannadigas refuse to watch his movies?

We should make a movie in good way that is all is required.I had desired for Rajkumar to act in Chiguridha Kansau, but Mr. Karanath refused to give us the story saying we would ruin it. Later I got the script ready plenty of times and showed it to him, but he kept on refusing. Only after the sad demise of Mr. Karanth, we got the rights of that story.Getting the sole rights of the story was not enough, we had to adapt it to the movie, which we didn’t know. That adaption was know only to Udayshankar. He used to write the summary of the every single shot for the movie.


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