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parvathamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

Only through kannada heroines our movies can turn out better. They should know the language better and only then they can act well. Earlier, when i had selected Manjula to act for Sampathige Saval” movie, Dwarkish then said Manula is fit to act as grand daughter. Then I said its okay, iI particularly want her to act in that movie. The eye act done by Majula during Kuchupudi dance in Mohini Basmasura play performed at Prabha Shishuvihara was alluring.

After that, the movies acted by Manjula was running successfully for 25 weeks. The last movie which Rajkumar and Manjula acted together was “Nee Nanna Gellalare”. I was not ready to cast her in that movie, but she requested and insisted my brother to convince me to cast her . One day she visited the house and told that she would keep a photo of Rajkumar and worship him if i cast her, so i told her to keep a photo in her heart and not at home.

Interest and passion should be mainly found in producer more than anyone. Costumes should always be according to the script. I have decided the costumes for all the heroines in my movies.Hence, all the heroines have retained fame and respect.

I like few directors, and one among them is Sridhar. There will be no choreographer in his movies. He will choreograph his own dance steps according to the situations. Sangeetham Sreenivasa Rao, Sethu Madhavan too , did not need dance choreographer’s.

Director C V Rajendran who was a relative of Sridhar and had directed Trimurthi movie. His direction was extraordinary. When the conduct and behavior of director is good, the movie turns out efficient and Trimurthi is an example for that. There were few people who used to speak against those directors. They said those directors have weakness and they r not good enough. Who doesn’t have weakness. Every body has weakness, but we should not worry about it so much.

At the end of everything, we only want a good movie. I didn’t show much interest towards trimurthi story. Till the end i didn’t know the story because i didn’t visit the set of trimurthi. I stayed at hotel itself looking after my son. If the movie director was someone who i know very well, then we can discuss with them, but i never used to do that with directors i was not very familiar with.



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