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parvathamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

Greatness of chi. Udayshankar....

You should listen to the dialogues written by Chi. Udayshankar. Nobody writes like that these days. In those days dialogues were memorised orally. I didn’t do the distribution of trimurthi even though it was a first film under my banner. We used to take Rs. 2 lakhs for the distribution of raj’s other movies, but for this movie i asked them for Rs 3 lakh rupees. They denied. I said leave it. Later, after few days, they gave 3 lakhs for this movie. 


At this point i should remember Lakshman Rao. When we were planning to make Shankar Guru, few of our people were against from V Somshekhar directing Shankarguru movie. I told those people that i don’t need them if they are against V Somshekar. Later, i was adamant that i need V Somshekar to direct the movie and finally he did it. That time it was Lakshman Rao who gave us 8 lakhs and purchased the rights

. He even said he will give us more money but I refused it. Shankarguru was a huge hit. Rajkumar had acted in 3 roles and hence the movie making cost was comparatively low. In those days, shooting expenses were low compared to present day’s expenses. We used to go to shooting locations together, 100 of us and 28 days. We always carried necessary things to shooting spot and stayed together like a family.

Even actors during those times were really understandable. They never demanded for anything in particular. We all stayed together.Present generation people should understand all these. They still don’t know how the industry works. For each and everyone you need to book a separate room. If we celebrate a heroine’s birthday on shooting sets, even the ice cream bill will be added to the producer’s account.

When Rajkumar had shootings in Mysore he used to stay in Sujatha, and in Bangalore he used to stay in Highland hotel. He never stayed in big hotels, because he always wanted to stay together with his entire movie unit. He always liked staying with directors, cameramen, associates. The friendliness was such that, Rajkumar and the movie unit used to finish shooting by evening, come back to their hotel and discuss about next day’s shooting plan, and next morning they used to go to shooting place together and because of this the work used to run smoothly.

But at present times, everybody stays wherever they want, by the time u bring them all together, you will be exhausted.

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