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Off late those who do not know anything about the industry are poking their nose and saying something. In the last 20 years two or three film producers are speaking on subsidy, award and tax-free.

Why not tax-free for remakes? Remake films would add to increase in number of films. Our technicians, artistes and workers get job. Do not take the pain of giving award and subsidy to such remake films. Give tax-free. Who are they to say tax-free is not necessary for remake films? It is not possible to sit quiet and go on losing. Who can supply films to theatres?

Think about the danger of no remakes. Dubbing would have come. Dubbing means no job for all our people. Today television artistes are happily living with car and bungalow only because the dubbing was avoided. Years ago we agreed for 'Tippu Sultan' remake the television serial like 'Rangoli' would have come today. Our people would not have got the job.

Rajkumar avaru stopped the dubbing of famous serial like Sri Ramayana is what others say. Sri Ramayana does not require any language. Everyone knows the story of it. If anyone wants let them see it in Telugu or Tamil. Why in Kannada. Let them do it again in Kannada. In case the dubbed version of Sri Ramayana had come now it was not possible to say no to 'Rangoli'.

As for as remakes are concerned I have fought with many. Those who said no remakes have picked story and scenes from four to five films and made a film. I have examples. That's why I say those who come with a beautiful script I would give them chance to make films. In case the storywriter is from Tamil or Telugu then it is not a remake.

Arguing without proper understanding of the situation is a waste. If that is the case I would say don't give any facility to Kannada films. They say subsidy for 20 quality Kannada films. If there are only 10 good ones another 10 has to be added although it lack quality. Instead of it distribute the money to all Kannada films made. Abolish the quality tag.

'Appu' film was denied the subsidy. What was shortage in it? It is not a bad cinema to deny the subsidy. Lakhs of people have seen it. One or two persons deciding on it is not the right order. The film not liked by people why do they give awards?

From the beginning I have been telling do not give awards for the films that have not been released. How do you gauge it is best when it is not before the people?

There is difficulty in making the novel based films. Good writers would not give rights to make films. Do not change in the subject is what the writers say most of the times. Dr.Shivarama Karanth novel based film we made. Rs.1.80 crore was spent. Rs.1.60 crore was loss to our company. By giving award and money of Rs.1 lakh what is the use?

Shanker Nag made 'Ondu Muttina Kathe'. That producer did not even get the award. When the film is of your own you make exercises to get award. When someone produces it you would not show interest is what I often used to tell Shanker Nag. For 'Chiguridha Kanasu' also it happened like that. For the story there was no award. Then how the Jnanapeeth award was given to that writer?

We asked Dr.S.L.Byrappa's 'Matadana'. He said bluntly that he would not give it to anyone other than Girish Kasaravalli. But later he gave it to someone else. Had that come to me I would have done very well is what I feel even to this day.

When I talk about the awards I get angry. I am not talking as wife of Rajkumar or mother of Shivrajkumar. As a producer and audience I am telling. Was this Gandhada Gudi not good, what about Bangaradha Manushya, Bhakta Kumbara, Mayura, do they want a film more than Karivatna Kalidasa? All these films did not bring awards.

Appu my son says don't send his films to awards. The people award is more than that of the four people sitting in one room and deciding it he says. What is the yardstick for declaration of awards? I tell him the award committee is not aware of it.

I remember an incident at this stage. When G.V.Iyer made Sri Shakaracharya one of the Swamiji came and asked us to distribute the film. I said no to it. No you should not say like that it will be wrong he said. I asked him why it would be a mistake? It was not possible to make the film in Kannada I asked. Shringeri founder is born in Kaladi. Let anyone make a film on them in Kannada. Sanskrit language will not be understood by large section. I am also not able to understand. I have kept the CD of Sankrit film in the cup board. Just because we have devotion we should not lose money I said.

Upanishad is very good. There are very good elements. It is interesting to read also. That does not mean we can make film.

UNFORGETTABLE - Those who have authenticity should talk. If an unauthentic person talks it is like squeezing tamarind in river water. It is a waste.

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