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Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

We are all like one family. The amount of interest I used to keep while doing Dr. Rajkumar films I used to keep the same when I took up other films. The vessels and furniture were utilized for the shooting purpose. I have told an incident sometime back. You must be remembering it. I had given a silver vessel for shooting. After completing shooting even after months it was not returned. I had special love to it because I took that in the initial days of my life. Then I told the producer of the film straight. He finally returned it but not in the same shape when he had taken. He should have repaired it and give. My hubby told you repair it because it is I who put it down during the shooting. Like this our silver vessels have come to the silver screen. When we do not use it in the income tax, the problem crops up. That is also one of the reasons why I used to give it to shooting.

There are so many matters that I normally do not disclose. The difficulties while shooting, giving call sheet again for the producer who lost money, help extended to distributors etc. Each one was behind the other person to help and support in those days. It was like one family. No one was hell bent or stubborn. K.S. Ashwath was not taking a little extra money. My remuneration is so much. I do not want anything more than this he was telling.

Film industry grew up like that. How much my husband is responsible it is not right to disclose. But I know the difficulties I underwent while doing each film. Theatre, censor, language issues were there in those days also.

One of my films faced the censor problem. When we were about to announce the date the censor said 14 cuts and a certificate for the film. But I agreed for the cuts they suggested and released the film according to the date announced. Then I came to know that someone had written 80 letters to censor board against our film.

There is casteism. Hatracy is also found. For the dropping of charges I did not give my ears. If one is good to him everything good will happen to him. That is my belief. Good and bad people are there in all seasons. We have to understand it.

Again and again what I remember is Dr.Rajkumar stay in this industry from the last 51 years. No one knows the trauma he underwent. For Kannada language, theatre and producer how much of pain he had taken just imagine. Had he not taken so much of strain it was not possible to retain the present status? For 'Kavirathna Kalidasa' film he had taken only Rs.5 lakhs remuneration.

Now it is not like that. Remuneration is increasing. When the point of let us all sit together and discuss on this matter it is not becoming possible. I am not well. I am not able to attend meeting. I cannot sit in for hour's together meeting. Those who do not know anything about the industry talk rubbish. When we try to correct them they do not hear to our words. I have cut down attending to meeting. Only when it is inevitable I attend.

For example in the issue related to service charge - Hubli exhibitors said service charge is necessary. When I said takes the earlier pattern of rent and then let us thinks of service charge. No one heard about it. Then increased the theatre rent and also kept the service charge in action. The producer is the sufferer from this development.

Theatre Santosh rent per week is Rs.2.5 lakhs. All the films cannot be Aptha Mithra or Akash. In these scenarios a producer pay Rs.2.5 lakhs rent where he should go? The facility given by the government not reaches us but spread out to someone else. Producer remains in the same position.

Coming to cinema workers issue, no one ask anything to him or her. On the one side artistes remuneration is increasing so is technician's remuneration. It is only the producer who is in difficulty. Any relief or subsidy does not reach him.

Sometimes I feel why I should tell all these problems. Let anything happen keep quiet is what I feel at times. Beyond all this I think we all belong to one family.

PVR, INOX, Multiplex have come now. Other languages films are screened there. In such cozy atmosphere the theatre owners come running to us asking for films? But they do not come. They would say raze the theatre and make complexes. You know what the fate of shopping complexes is. Alankar, Sangam, Bharat etc… good business is taking place there. They are all happy.

That is the reason why I say instead of repenting later let us sit together and work out good policies. When there is good atmosphere all of us exist happily.

UNFORGETTABLE - We earn our food because of audience. They want good theatre and eatables at less price and good facilities. One rupee value should not be charged at Rs.10. They should not be robbed. Environment should be created to draw them to the theatre.

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