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Parvathamma Rajkumar image
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

It is not as easy as you think to make a film. At the first step the producer should have definite taste. He or she should know what would be the right element to make a film. Reading lot of novels is another requisite. When I took up the 'Rathasapthami' everyone said the story is not good. I liked it. I forged ahead and it really became successful.

Whatever we think will not be successful. This is a peculiar world. What we think boomerang and what we think it is difficult it would be successful. A producer has to swallow all these and proceed further.

I read the good novel even to this day. Suggested one for films I read carefully. There are more than 10 novels that I have read and kept it somewhere. In that what my husband cannot do is also there. Now Shivanna can do all of them. I remember the story and I don't remember the novel name.

At one time there were lots of books. Directors used to come to our house read the novel and they used to keep the one they liked. So many novels were converted to films like that. Now we don't have novels and also readers.

I am still interested in 'Bharatesha Vaibhava'. The trauma between the brothers is the concept. I think sometimes that I should make this film. 'Kumararama' Rajkumar avaru was supposed to do. Two songs were also recorded. He did not like the chappal (slippers) episode in that. Person like Deje Gowda supported us to do the film. But Raj did not agree for it. We worked for six months all went in vain. 'Shabdavedi' was also like that. We kept it aside for a long time. We took that for the third time and film also run well.

For the present writers it is not easy to tell and make them to write the subject. They would not understand the story. They in turn ask for that and this cassette. I have told many why do you want cassette ask me I will tell the story.

The stories of the yesteryears were very good. Chitralekha's 'Bhairavi' was a ladies subject. Starting from young girl bearing of the child it had the contents. Chandrika is another novel. We wanted to do it before Jeevana Chaitra. Now Shivanna can do the role in that film.

As of now I have 'Bhakta Ambarisha'. Rajkumar came to this field from that subject. Somehow I want to do this film. Others cannot do it. 'Nrupathunga' is a subject that father and son can act together.

All following the same trend is not a good trend. After 'Om' a series of films came like that. After that keeping 'Anna and Thangi' a series came. There is no binding that this film has run so similar film will also run.

Spending on the film is a must. Six to seven crores is a lie. Spending on something else you should not add to the budget of the film. Full preparation is always must. We have the practice of knowing the climax and complete screenplay to start the film. Take not six months but eight months to come with the script is what I tell.

Puneeth film was supposed to start by November. Story was not ready. We are starting in February 2006. Nothing should be done in urgency.

In the days of Rajkumar wherever he was shooting the director, cameraman, dance master and script writer is compulsory. After finishing the shooting for the day the discussion was going on in the night times. The new film director was in our company for discussion. An hour of spare time it was used for discussion. That has helped us to make films like Kalidasa, Mayoora and Sanadhi Appanna.

Music directors were sitting at our home and composing the songs. Dr.Raj brother was selecting the songs. Raj himself has good music sense and he was also giving good suggestions. It was picked out of discussion.

We had one practice. If a light boy says anything it was coming for discussion. No ones decision is final in cinema. Those who see the film will be aware of so many things than makers.

With Dr.Rajkumar the one and only Chi. Udayashanker was always in the company. After passing away of Chi.Udayashanker the films of Dr.Rajkumar also dropped considerably. Without Chi.U making 'Shabdavedi' was a tough task for us. Till today Shabdavedi has not given complete satisfaction.

UNFORGETTABLE - After discussion the film is made it would be of great help. If the music is not good the director should object, if the lyric is not good the music director should object. The narration of script writer is not convincing the director has to prove why it is wrong. When such discussions crops up good film takes birth. Now all in one! Then where is the chance for discussion?

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