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Parvathamma Rajkumar image
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

I was seeing in Television where actress Arathi was talking. She had fallen to river in one of her films with children. After this is seen on the screen a woman repeated it in her real life. Arathi came to know about it after reading the newspaper. Remembering this Arathi was upset and she had requested not to repeat such roles for her again. Give solution to women problems. Do not throw in sorrows further she had uttered. This particular observation represents the entire woman fraternity. She had told this with lot of pain and dismay in her mind.

Even in the industry also. There are several problems. For such problems what is required is solution. Instead of it just sitting in meeting and discussing it there is no use of it.


Our banner has done maximum of novel based films. No one has done it so much. How to save the culture, tradition and keep the Kannada language in highest esteem we know about it.

By giving tax relief to remake films in Kannada we are not applying road roller on our culture, tradition and Kannada language. It is meaningless to talk that we will lose culture and tradition. Remake films are done in Kannada and in Telugu the characters do not speak.

My husband Rajkumar avaru always repeats one thing. Do not stir up an issue. If you do so you get the rubbish out of it. Instead of it just leave it as it is. Then everything comes to a serene atmosphere. Everyone should understand this aspect.

A few days ago I told everybody in the meeting. If you have story bring it to me. I will read. If it is good I will start shooting next day. I have not given call sheet of my son to anyone. Whoever brings in the best story then the film will go on the floors. Even at this stage I read five novels. What I want is a good story. One writer had also come for that meeting. She opined that we should do the novel based films only. For that respected lady also I told her to give a good novel to adapt on screen.

Today what we have to ask is the worries and woes of producers. He is the one who is struggling today. Arguing on the grounds of art and commercial films there is no meaning in it. According to me the people watched films should be given the award and reward.

For the award winning films give Rs.25 lakhs subsidy is what is said. When it is not watched by the people then why should they get Rs.25 lakhs in addition? We should not question it. But when it comes to remake issue they can speak anything they want. We are not here to just hear and keep quiet.

I do a film like 'Kumararama'. That explains the culture and tradition of Karnataka. I ask them to give Rs.45 lakhs subsidy. Are they ready to accept it? What is wrong in asking like that?

Had I not done films such as Krishnadevaraya, Pulakeshi and Mayoora how they used to be was difficult to know. Nobody ask such things and they do not talk about it.

After watching Srikrishnadevaraya film someone asked when Krishnadevaraya go to Jaipura. A small boy answered this question by saying when Krishnadevaraya stood before the camera. When such a lavish film is made picking flaws should not be the contention of anyone. Instead they should feel happy for making such film.

VAJRAMUNI is a very big artiste. The combination of Rajkumar and Vajramuni can anyone forget in Karnataka and elsewhere? The high quality of Vajramuni was his obedience. Not even a single day he troubled shooting spot. He was on dot. He was calling me 'Attige' and Rajkumar he was calling as 'Anna'. Coming from Madras he was staying in the Hotel and when he was invited then only he used to come to our house.

For him many had not given the remuneration properly. Others used to give one or two thousand and end it at that. I was compelling the producers that Vajramuni's remuneration should be given according what was discussed. Sometimes we used to sit down asking for remuneration canceling the shooting. This was resulting in anger for many.

My objective is that artistes should not be cheated of their remuneration. I tell this for my children also.

UNFORGETTABLE - Whether we have admiration or not. We have sometime low level of taste. When others come here and they take the mike it is not right to shout at them to talk in Kannada. When anyone is aware of Kannada and he does not speak then let them ask him or her. When they do not know the language we should not ask for it. We have to give the respect for our guests. That is the real culture. They do not tell where they have to tell and do protest where it is not wanted.

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