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Parvathamma Rajkumar image
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

We came to Sadashivanagar residence in 1989. They say vaastu is not correct in this house. We tried searching the house in different places. Even if it is distant no worry I said. I even asked the government to take money and get me a site. They have not given nod to it. For some artistes they have given more than one site. I know about it. I ask once and if we don't get it we will keep quiet.

The vaastu issue Rajkumar avaru is not worried. He asks me what problem is there from this house. We have done good cinema from this house he says. Jeevana Chaitra, Om, Janumadha Jodi box office winners were made when we moved to this house. I was worried about Vaastu for sometime but now I have made up my mind very strong.

But the belief of ancient period is not wrong. I had seen some of the houses built according to Agni Moole the kitchen, well in the north east etc. Nowadays the bank officials ask for the vaastu expert opinion before sanction of loan. That is because the bank has to get back the loan what they have given.

The good happening and prosperity is not only because of Vaasu perfection. The peace of mind, health is what essential. By looking at all these things only the elders have worked out strategies like Vaastu. Even today the elders give anecdotes for the rain of Swathi and Chitra. We only say the rain has come too much or it did not come. Let the rain come throughout in the night but it should not come in the morning time is what we opt for.

Krishna is an anesthesia expert. He is our family friend. He was in foreign country for some period. He come to India constructed a house. We all went to his house warming. We liked the house. Later he came to our new village house in Gajanur. He immediately said this house is not good. From the same house the kidnap took place. We all slept in that house on that kidnap day. He had told that in case my husband Dr.Rajkumar and others were in the old house nothing would have happened. The incidents later happened is what we know. We said he might be right.

All these things come to our mind. Nowadays the architects have different opinions. There are believers and some does not believe. When I tell all these things to my hubby he quietly says why you worry - 'In the adoration time fixed for lord Srirama, had he not been to Vanvas'? The fate is written for everyone. No one can stop it. He pacifies me. That is also true I feel but sometime bad developments hurts me too much.

I am self made in some issues. Just because somebody said like that I would not scratch my head. I hear to whatever said patiently. I do according to my strength and wish. I cannot do it alone is also what I know. My children and husband should agree to my decisions. Sometime they agree and on other occasions they do not agree with me.

We have a family friend P.C.Mohan. We know him for a long time. He will be taking his walk in our house surroundings. He has told many that why Dr.Rajkumar is staying in this house. Ask him to live in some other house he has recommended.

Director Somasekhar was also telling me 'Akka….., please akka leave this house. I was not giving my ears to it. My husband is not interested in leaving this house to live elsewhere. This is a big place. It is possible to walk. Such a strong house difficult to construct again he says. For reconstruction he suggests to do it on the almanac. I was serious about changing the house for three years. Now I have made up my mind very strong to live here in this house. The good observations sometime turn bad for others.

UNFORGETTABLE - We have a system in our house right from the beginning. The expenses of cinema we never used to put it to the expenses of the house. Likewise the house expenses are not mixed to cinema expenses. That has been going on since a long time. Our children also never used the unit car for the personal use. We used to arrive at the actual expenses for each and every film. I would tell you in detail next time.

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