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Parvathamma Rajkumar image
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

Who does not have interest to make good films? we are not opposers to novels. For a long time I was reading four to five novels a day. From such novels I read many of them been converted on screen.

When we took up 'Eradu Kanasu' we thought of making more novel based films. The film also clicked and we took up initiative for some more novels.

When the novel is immensely liked by you, you would not forget it for a long time. That is the case with Vishalakshi Dakshinmurthy 'Jeevana Chaitra'. I read this novel for more than 10 times. When I narrated the story to Chi.Udayashanker he appreciated me and told that I narrated it like a screenplay.

I wanted to take up this film early but the heroines here were not ready to accept the role. Because, the heroine of the film is a mother of three children. In these days we do not find such novel writers. When we narrate the story the director is also not interested in giving a patient hearing.

There is one popular director. I would not like to mention the name. For him a person from Chennai, Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai a screenplay writer should come. When they come and do the story is it not a remake? When a novel is taken for that matter it is not going to be 'swamake'.

When you glance through the present novels it appears as if it is lifted from any of the films. How is it possible to make it a film? There is one great theatre artiste. He had given one of his plays to three persons. I know about it. Even in newspapers the other languages series come up. When a novelof other language becomes popular is it not translated to various other languages? Why don't the newspapers publish only Kannada film news? Why they have to publish the Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi films news. When we start questioning, it piles up a lot.

Over all if I see at the films coming today I am upset. Four fights and four songs is a film they presume. If a film runs for four or five weeks they try to drag it to hundred days. This has become a prestige issue. This has to be controlled. No one can do anything. From this attitude the exhibitors are exercising control on us.

For 'Om' film Upendra prepared the subject and came. My husband heard the story. The story is good but one or two touching scenes are required he suggested. Upendra said I do not know about it. I asked my husband to narrate the touching scenes.

Then Rajkumar came up with the mother and sister sentiment to it. This is good I will mix it up to my story said Upendra and left. In his next visit Upendra narrated the scenes with dialogues. Rajkumar suggested some of the dialogues should be changed and it should be in different taste. But finally the film did well. For my second son Raghu also I asked him (Upendra) to prepare a subject. He came up with 'censor' subject. On the day of release of 'Om' the film 'Censor' was also announced. For the new subject I spent nearly 70000 rupees. Sriranga said he would sit in a city and prepare a subject. He did not bring the subject but he accepted a Telugu project.

When my husband came to know about it he did not say anything. Leave them to the roots they select he replied. Then Upendra came up with 'Swastik' subject. But he was not fully prepared. My second son liked the subject. At that time I made ways clear for his 'A'.

He narrated the story of 'Swastik'. He was half prepared. We thought he would do the film very well. I had a little doubt. In those days the Mysore Palace was not given for shooting. I got him Mysore Palace for 18 days. I was staying in Mysore and it was tough for me.

One fine day Upendra showed the film 'Swastik'. I got the clue. When Rajkumar's son is given the Pakistan flag to hoist then I thought the fate of this film will be bad. Rajkumar seeing that film said one thing very clearly. You keep quiet. Do not ring up and say anything. We have learnt a lesson. That is enough he said.

Why Upendra did it like that? I came to know about it at a later stage.

UNFORGETTABLE - The intentions of all are good. To declare those intentions they have to get the chance. When an opportunity is given they have to use it properly and precisely. That is important in life.

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