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Parvathamma Rajkumar image
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

Even today Puneeth likes Upendra very much. For the debut film of Puneeth 'Appu' a song was penned by Upendra. When Puneeth asked a song from Upendra for his second film 'Abhi' he did not oblige. Each one will be having his own work. But 'Ahbi' was also a box office hit film.

After this 'Abhi' I wanted to do another film for Puneeth. Upendra came with a subject for Puneeth at this time. I told him straight - if you do a film now you will do it like 'Swastik' - I know it I said. Any director after he becomes a hero when he takes up another hero's film he would like to rise up in front of the hero he is directing. This is the tendency of everyone in this world.

I have advised Upendra on some issues. I have offered him to come to my banner when no one is giving direction and acting chance to him. In the beginning days when you were up to direct Dr.Rajkumar cinema in that mental make up you come I have told Upendra. I am not angry with him. If he invites me to his house with affection I am ready to go to his house. I talk to him. There is no point in getting angry these days.

When the fate is written by God no one can change it. But one should give up the 'I' factor in him. Otherwise in the days of fall in career others would utter nonsense. That is what saint Kanakadasa has said. Naanu Hodhare Hodhenu…- If one understands it then it is fine.

For anything there will be a background. With a subject like Cauvery - Upendra came forward to make a film with Dr.Rajkumar and Rajanikanth in the lead roles. It is impossible to do I told him. There is also no dearth for us to do such subjects. Rajanikanth is a very big name in Tamil Nadu film industry. Like wise Dr.Rajkumar is also big in his own right. With such statures one shown as big and small is not in good taste.

Later there was a story called 'Hrudayageethe'. Puttanna had told this story many a times. I had turned down the offer. This story is not right for Dr.Rajkumar character I had told him. 'Do you mean my character is correct  Puttanna questioned me. For Rajkumar character that subject would not suit I told him. On how Rajkumar should come on screen like me there are crores of people thinking similar. When Upendra also brought the same story of 'Hrudayageethe' I gave the same reply.

After turning down Upendra's offer he must have been upset. Then we did 'Swastik'. It came and gone. I had asked another director to prepare the subject. My son likes the foreign films. That director was ready to do the subject but Upendra for the same director gave some other subject and made him director. I read about it in the newspapers.

That is the reason why I often repeat that those who know the job perfectly they should do in right spirit without losing concentration. Look at S.Narayan. In the beginning he tried at small roles but he gave up acting and looking after direction completely. He has been doing very interesting films. Two works at a time is not possible.

Once upon a time someone told Dr.Rajkumar that why are you not taking up direction. That is not required. I would continue to do acting and I would strive hard to give better acting. That is enough for me he said.

That contentment should be there for us in life. When Prem came and said that he is ready to direct a Puneeth starring film I told him about the one work at a time.

In Karnataka there are too many awards instituted nowadays. In the yesteryears it was not like this. How the awards take birth and who gets it is unimaginable. It has become easy to take awards.

When the government announced Rs.25 lakhs subsidy to children film a bunch of producers proceeded to make children film not out of sheer love towards the art. It is not completely in the interest of children also. It is only on Rs.25 lakh subsidy temptation.

From such people there is no need to learn about art, culture and how to save our Kannada language.

UNFORGETTABLE - In all the issues for all the people there should be one set of rules. When 'Modadha Mareyalli' was made starring Shivrajkumar he did not get the award on the pretext of remake. But for another artiste for a remake film performance he got the award. What do you say for this attitude?

One day Mohanlal the Malayalam superstar seeing the performance of Shivanna informed him that he (Shivanna) has done better than his film in Malayalam 'Kireedam'.

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