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Parvathamma Rajkumar image
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

He was terribly upset that day. He was not comfortable at the breakfast table. He could not relish his favorite item, upma (tiffen called chow chow bath) as if his taste buds were dead. Slowly he was feeling the deafening silence. Then he started wondering; why everyone is silent. What has happened? He finished his breakfast halfway as if he has smelt something wrong.

I was sitting outside the dining hall, unable to eat. I was waiting for him to finish his breakfast. I overheard the maids forcing him to eat some more and him denying the offer. Then I went in and sat next to him.

He saw my face. Immediately he sensed something wrong. Gazing at my eyes he asked for the reason of my silence. I tried to be casual. The maids were asking me to serve him some more upma. I could not do it.

Suddenly he took my hand and placed it on his chest. He started crying. Then he suddenly asked: Tell me the truth. I could not hold it anymore. I tried to be as casual as possible and whispered two heavy words: Varadappa’s gone.

A faint shrill voice came out from the bottom of his stomach. Then he became silent. Then I put some water on his head and cooled him down. Then he started crying like a baby.

I told him to control himself. Everyone around here are younger to you. Now you should console them and control them. If you start crying, what should others do. Now you have to hold them back. He immediately understood what I meant. He controlled his sorrow. That way, both Rajkumar and Varadappa are the same. They are never extrovert. They used to suffer themselves without even leaving a trace of their agony.

We were all living together at Chennai. I too liked him immensely. He was a wonderful story teller, narrator and he used to develop magnificent plot for Rajkumar. Some times, when the dialogue writers are away, he used to write dialogues too. He was a remarkable person. He played a major role in Rajkumar’s success and growth.

In 1972 he left for Bangalore. There was a small misunderstanding amongst the family members and He decided to live separately. It was not a major difference of opinion. It could be sorted out, but he was reluctant.

Varadappa had helped many a films. He used to coordinate the whole thing. He used to sit with writers, dialogue writers and lyricists. Most of the songs of Rajkumars films were composed in front of Varadappa. He used to change the lyrics of many of the songs.

He fell sick during `Chalisuva Modagalu’ Shooting and admitted to Chaya nursing home. He was there for 20 days. I stayed there for 3 days, attending him. Then we hired a Taxi and made him wife and children visit home every day. During 1992, he was admitted to Wockhart for by-pass surgery.

He was very conscious about his health. He was very punctual in taking his medicines and with day to day exercise. He has acted in many films and produced few films. He was a good comedian, a better comedian than Rajkumar. But slowly he lost interest in acting.

Shivanna, Raghu and Puneeth were very fond of him. They used to spend long hours at his place. They were ready to do whatever he says, when he wanted to build a house, Raghanna told him not to bother about the cost. He was moved by that.

His academic education was very poor. But he had learnt many languages on his own. He was subscribing `Adhyatma Chinthamabni’ printed at Holenarasipur. He learnt english by reading that book. He was a man of letters. Gororu Ramasway Iyyengar was his pet writer.

UNFORGETTABLE - We have lost him. It’s very huge loss for al of us. He had four daughters and fortunately all of them are married. He was very neat in his work, let it be script, let it be life.

We all miss him.

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