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Parvathamma Rajkumar image
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

When I go down the memory lane I get so many developments of the past. Some are bitter and some are sweet. When you have both that is called life. There is no point in keeping in mind the worries. When you do it like that you miss to watch the beautiful stars in the sky. We should go ahead passing dark shades in life. The death of Varadappa is on such bad phase in life.

When my mother in law died Varadappa health had gone down. He took long time to recoup from the death of his mother. Slowly he became weak. Subba Rao a famous doctor in those days was giving the treatment for him. Deep in his heart he was worrying that his health has come to this stage and his wife health condition was also bad. He was trying to forget such worries in life by reading books. He was writing a lot. The literature and culture has that strong strength. It helps one to overcome worries. Whatever may be your worry when you see a good cinema you indulge in it and forget the present worries for a little while. We forget our tears and cry for the characters we see on the screen. That is the reason why many of us want to see cinema. To forget our worries and respond to the worries of others. There is happiness when you respond to other worries.

That is the reason why I say 'ART' is very sacred. When there is an iota of disturbance to this art Dr.Rajkumar used to get perturbed. Those who come from theatre have a very special place for art. The sacred feeling was given before the stage play. Doing Aarathi, lighting lamp and prayer was done before the play. For Rajkumar cinema is no different from theatre plays.

Once upon a time anger was expressed on Shivaiah. He used to come and narrate the shot with a cigarette in his lips. Dr.Raj was very particular. He was telling Shivaiah that there should not be any smoking on the sets.

Nowadays the shooting has come to roads. The people are not worried about it. People know how a film is made. In the yesteryears when a fighting sequence was shot no one used to know how it was conducted. Everything is done by the hero was the strong feeling among the audience. Nowadays the magic of film making has come to streets. When the dupe was used my husband never used to come to sets. Two similar persons would make the people to know the truth.

When the romantic scenes were shot also no one was allowed inside. It was held inside the studio. Some of the media persons have questioned me the feelings I get when I see the romantic scenes of Dr.Rajkumar films. I was telling them after I came to know that he should act like this I got married to him. When such acting sequences come on screen then only the film runs. We get our livelihood. Our profession continues. See what happens when the doctor spouse tells that her husband should not touch anyone?. A professor should not speak to any one is strictly imposed by his wife how is it possible?. If that is the case we will not be having any job tomorrow.

Those who get spoiled there is no particular place. Those who are good will be in their own place alwaying doing good. When you take it to your mind in excess then such problems erupt.

I was hearing a complaint that we are importing heroines from other states. But in our times the heroines from outside were becoming our own. Saritha came for 'Keralidha Simha'. From the first film she started speaking Kannada. Madhavi was aware of Kannada language. She was dubbing for her portions. Kanchana dubbed her voice for her portions in 'Shanker Guru'. You see the position today. Our own Kannada heroines are not dubbing their voice. I have scolded them and asked them to dub their voice. Lakshmi was speaking beautiful Kannada in those days. It is only for Jayapradha the dubbing was done by other artiste.

Manjula has a male voice was the complaint. I told the directors that it would be only for a few films. Then she will adjust I said. For Rajkumar she is not the fit heroine was another complaint. But I disproved it in 'Nee Nanna Gellalare'. For the rich talent of Manjula you have to watch 'Eradu Kanasu' film. In one scene where she plays the chess Manjula showed her talent in the film 'Eradu Kanasu'. Kalpana looked weak in that scene. Such artistes are difficult to get today.

UNFORGETTABLE - The heroines of yesteryears used to see the films of their contemporaries. They used to learn from it. They used to attend the sets of their colleagues in the profession. It was a sort of learning process. For today's heroine they don't have time to do their roles.

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