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Parvathamma Rajkumar image
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

In the wake of my husband Rajkumar avaru coming back to house from hospital after a brief illness I brush my memory this week on his health condition in the past.

Traveling is a part of life of the artistes. Timely food, breakfast and sleep they have to miss out. In such situation they are bound to lose their health. Added to it there will be some dangers while shooting.

My hubby Rajkumar never worried for all such hiccups. He was not for medicines. After he fell down from a horse for the shooting of 'Bahaddur Gandu' he was told that he should not drive, not lift the heavy ones and not participate in risky shots. He was missing timely food in my absence. That is the reason why I started visiting the shoots.

He was not for allopathy medicine. He was taking Ayurveda and home made medicines. For cough, cold, mild fever he was not taking medicine.

Dr. Rajkumar in yogaTaking rest became inevitable when he fell down from horse on August 16, 1975. He was bed ridden for 20 days. During the shooting of 'Devaru Kotta Thangi' he was running under high fever. I was in Madras. He was not able to attend the shooting in Bangalore. The schools have started for children at that time. After hearing this news I sent the children to school and rushed to Bangalore. I had no ticket booked in air travel. I came in K.V.Gupta ticket to Bangalore by 3 pm. The doctor examined said he has bladder stone. There was no operation and stones were removed with medicine.

Dr.Raj was affected with piles once. He had to undergo the operation. After this he never approached doctor for any health problems. For cold and cough he was taking black pepper, Thulasi leaves etc.

He developed fever during the 'Haalu Jenu' shooting. He did not give up the cold water bath and Yogasana then also.

The knee problem he encountered during the shooting of 'Odahuttidavaru' last day of shooting. He worked a lot at the Madikeri schedule of shooting. He had no rest. He was fully tired and he took medicine from a desi doctor from Bhatrahalli. By doing Yoga he brought down the pain in his knee. He underwent arthroscopy in Bangalore for that problem.

When he was picking up from his knee problem around this time he was kidnapped. In 108 days he walked for about 370 kilometers in the dense forest. That is the main reason for him to get the knee ailment in higher scale.

In our family we discussed about the knee operation for him. He opposed to it. He had seen many those underwent such knee operations. That is not going to ease my problems he said. Finally he budged to the pressure and operation was conducted.

Doctors said after the knee operation it is difficult. There will be lot of pain. Not even a single day he screamed of pain. No problems from him. Instead he used to cut jokes and make others feel happy. The reason to it is his 'Yoga' the doctors told me later.

UNFORGETTABLE – From hard work the disease could be kept away. When Raj had pains he never used to complain. But when others are suffering he was experiencing trauma of them. That is his greatness.

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