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Parvathamma Rajkumar image
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

The tastes are unique and different in this universe. Without our knowledge the changes take place. The taste and interest also change from time to time. Like that the concept of film making and roles also change.

Earlier for all my hubby Dr.Rajkumar avaru film either Narasimharaju or Balanna, or Dwarakish or Shivaram was compulsory. Comedy was so good from them. Later on Jaggesh came to that standard but I had not seen much of his films.

Comedy was prominent in Raj films too. Any story on screen should be told lively was the contention of my husband. The dialogues also should be crisp. In the beginning comedy was more but later it receded as all the four spread out for various kinds of films. Dr.Rajkumar took initiative to concentrate on comedy. With his expertise in comedy the comedians did not get more opportunities.

At this time Narasimharaju lost his son. He became very quiet. Balanna took up gray hair roles. From 'Bangarada Panjara' Raj managed the comedy and got rave reviews.

I am surprised when I recount my coming to films. Till Poornima took birth I did not evinced interest in attending the shoot and to look after everything. I came to know that he was not eating food and drinking juice to get strength. He was managing with coffee and tea. When he fell down from a horse I decided to stay with him even if it is outside shooting.

For Srikrishnadevaraya, Huliya Havina Meve I went to Jaipur, for Samayadha Gombe, Baalu Belagithy, Hosa Belaku I accompanied him to New Delhi, for Thayige Thakka Maga, Ravichandra I went to Mumbai, for Shanker Guru to Kashmir and to Chambal valley for Sipayi Ramu I was traveled with him.

In Madras the day was beginning early for me. Sending children to school, preparing lunch for them etc was part of my job. In the morning I was going to Chi.Udayashanker house to discuss the story and read novels. The meetings, released films business – I was having handful of job. I was reaching home in the evening.

In the house my sister in law, mother in law and Raj's sister were there. I was going very rarely to see my children in school. A few times Raj was also coming with me to school to give lunch to the children. In the holidays I was accompanying him to hotel for lunch and then we used to take a walk in the beachside.

When I decided to come to Bangalore diabetes also came with me. I took up walking, yoga and Pooja rigorously. I was doing yoga for one and half hours. Later I was going to office to look after the accounts. I was coming only in the night. I was having lot of job in the office. Production, distribution, next day schedule, money affairs, discussion of story, costumes etc. there was absolutely no time. I was rarely going to shooting.

The education of children was also over when we settled down in Bangalore. In Madras Shivanna finished acting course. After Raghu's marriage my responsibility decreased and after Puneeth marriage my work pressure came down completely. Now all the office affairs belong to Raghanna.

But for me sitting idle is boring. I would like to work for all the twenty four hours. That was my practice right from the beginning.

UNFORGETTABLE – In the family whether husband is important or wife is important should not crop up. When such a situation arises there is some wrong calculation in the family. In our so many years of family life that question did not arise. Everyone says it is because of you Rajkumar came up so well. When I call anyone I say I am Parvathamma Rajkumar not Parvathamma. Without him I am nothing.

From his name – Dr.Rajkumar – we in the family have got the identity. This is truly unforgettable.

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