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Parvathamma Rajkumar
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

I am very often asked that which role I liked among so many of Dr.Rajkumar. This is a tough question. I liked his Sri Rama's role on stage and on silver screen. Like wise the lord Sri Krishna role I have immensely liked. In Subhadra Kalyana the role of Arjuna was fabulous.

I will be seeing him very closely from the make up room till he performed. When he did the role of demon I was not scared. I had told him that you have done very well in that role.

When Puneeth was very small after seeing the role of his father in Hiranyakashipu he declined to do the role of Prahallada. I am afraid to see the father in such a get up Puneeth had told. But my husband convinced him later on.

In any given role Dr.Raj used to immerse himself. Then only laurels are possible. The voice, walking style expression all should be near to perfection. Now the location and technology has become very handy. The audiences are attracted via such technology. In the earlier days the actual location was selected for shoot.

Raj was not interested in foreign locations. When it is not in tune with the story why should we go to such location he was placing his argument.

one had the craze for foreign locations in our family. I went to foreign in 1978. My husband, mother in law, K.H.Nagaraj, Dwarakanath, Govindaraju all accompanied. After traveling in some of the places my husband was telling when our place would become like this. He never used to say when we are going to become like this. He always prefers and likes our country.

After 1991 I did not go anywhere. At the time of 'Jeevana Chaitra' shooting I went to Kedarnath, Badari for the song Nadhamaya….. After that all the films shooting was held inside Karnataka.

We were given very good care and affection in foreign countries. Every day was like festival for us. We are not in a position to accept the invitations from foreign countries now.

We have plans to shoot Shivrajkumar film entirely in a foreign location. The story discussion is going on.

Dr.Raj is against to going to foreign location for just one song. But the perceptions of children are different. The different locations would give a new feel to the audiences they feel. The trend of today is also like that. We have to change according to times.

From Vajreshjwari combines we went to Nepal first. It was for Operation Diamond Rocket. Then we went to Maldives for 'Ondu Muttina Kathe'. Recently for 'Akash' film we went to foreign location. Besides this we went to a small operation for Lakshmi's daughter.

Now for Ajay and Arasu the foreign location has been selected. Shivarajkumar producers are frequently conducting shooting in foreign locations. It is their taste.

Dr. Rajkumar was not particular of expensive costumes. But his fans always wanted him to wear good clothes. In Kasturi Nivasa, Olavu Gelavu and a few others he was in suit. According to the roles the costumes should be there is what he always kept on telling. For 'Giri Kanye' writer role in the film expensive costumes were brought. He sent it back and told that for that role the costume should be different. Next day morning I brought net banian and lungi for him. The ordinary shirt was stitched next day. The superior role should wear the expensive costumes he was telling. The manager should wear the manager level costume. That is his philosophy.

Wearing ornaments he was not particular. He never had any sentiment in his mind. After a long time I had purchased a ring with blue stone silver ring. I had told him that he should not remove it. For all the fingers the ring was must in mythological roles. He never asked for wrist watch. What ever that was available he was wearing.

He was totally not ambitious. His ambition was to do good roles. The 'Haalu Jenu' story was done for some other hero. Chi Udayashanker had liked it very much. Dr.Raj said he wants to do that role. It was suitable for Ananthnag the producer felt. G.K.Venkatesh recorded the songs for it. But it did not go on the floors. Then I took the rights by paying Rs.1 lakh fee. G.K.Venkatesh did the music and Singeetham directed that film.

By taking care of lands, cultivation and seeing the films of sons is his interest today. He is also happy with children performances. But he always tells that all his roles should be beaten by his sons.

UNFORGETTABLE – In the yesteryears there was cabaret dancer. Now heroines do that part of the job. The cabaret dancers have no job. The heroes wear good costumes but it is not even half for the heroines. Why is it so?

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