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Parvathamma Rajkumar image
Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

Smt. Parvarthamma Rajkumar Intimate friend of Dr.Rajkumar was in Arizona of United States of America. His name was Veerappa. His physical strength slowly started diminishing. He died one day. Dr.Raj was depressed with this news. Perhaps this death has deeply touched him.

When he lost brother and sister he was very pensive. Sharada who was singing very well was not with him. Brothers of my husband left this earth very early. Isolation really worried Dr.Rajkumar.

Above all the pain of taking tablets was causing agony for Dr.Raj. Meeting doctors and taking tablets was a hell for him. "Nothing has happened to me. Leave me alone. I am alright. Don't give me medicines" he was telling. He was compelled to take tablets by elder daughter Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is also very stubborn. Once my husband told to Lakshmi why did you do like this when she created a prank. For that Lakshmi at the age of nine did not eat and drink water for one week. She did not even spoke to her father.

The same Lakshmi when Raj was kidnapped by Veerappan climbed the Thirumala Hills for nine times. She tonsured her hair. Stopped eat meat. After Dr.Raj came back also she did not touch meat. She is now a vegetarian. In our family only Dr.Raj and Lakshmi were fond of eating meat. Lakshmi did not show interest again even after her father forced her to eat. Raj also gave up eating meat for six month. Lakshmi did not change her mind.

Puneeth Rajkumar, Smt. Parvarthamma RajkumarOff late Dr.Raj was also eating meat occasionally. He was not eating anything full of stomach. The tablets have taken the taste of my tongue he used to tell. Morning one chapathi or one Idli - In the afternoon he was eating white rice and rasam. Many a times I was feeding to his mouth the afternoon lunch.

Tablet was very allergic to him. He was taking 12 tablets a day. It was a tough job for us to see that he has swallowed the tablets. I was telling him that if you don't take the tablets I will also not take my tablets. Are you scaring me like Chi. Udayashanker. Leave it. I would throw the medicine he was telling.

If there was variation in the tablets it was known through his face. When the medicine was poured to his hand once he said the tablet is more this time. He was arguing on this issue. Then he used to wear the spectacles and count the tablets. One tablet was more. The doctors have told us to increase one extra tablet was brought to his notice. He was very sensitive.

Off late he started taking tablets. A few years ago he had a nose operation. The capacity to smell he had lost. For that reason he was asked to take tablets. Then he developed BP. On the day he was kidnapped I had tablets tied in the edge of my sari. In forest he was not taking tablets. He was throwing the tablets.

The verbal fight with him was only on this issue. He was hell bent on not coming to doctors. We never used to leave. When I was talking with Puneeth on a medical check up he over heard it and said he is not going to come.

When he was stubborn like this I was telling him that I would go somewhere. He was reacting very quickly - you go wherever you want I will also see that. Immediately I was telling him that I would not go anywhere leaving you. You have tied me down with your love and affection was my viewpoint.

After the knee operation he was told not to take up Yogasanas. But he was doing it without our knowledge. In the beginning he was going for walk in the house. Then he was taking walk outside the house. Even in walking he was practicing some postures. I found out once from one of his hands. You have put people like how a thief is looked at he said. I have not done Yogasana I just raised my hand to see my muscle power he closed the chapter.

He wanted to see his grand daughter marriage. Her name is Saraswathi. She was affectionately called as Ammu. She is just nineteen. He wanted to conduct the marriage of Saraswathi luxuriously. That did not happen.

Dr.Raj was looked after too much by Puneeth. His wife Ashwini is delivering a child probably on April 30. The child that is taking birth should see me from its eyes in my usual attire. That is the wish of Puneeth.

UNFORGETTABLE - Relying on someone shirking the responsibility he did not like. He was a self reliant on many matters. He wanted to live with self respect and independently. He did not like in anyone doing his job. He was doing his job on his own. That is the policy he always maintained.

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