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parvarthamma rajkumar
parvarthamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

Do anything. But at any cost do not build a temple. Do not build a Nursing home. Not even schools and colleges, Kalyanmantaps. All these are ways for making money. We build marriage halls to give it for very low rent. It will be only in the beginning. Later the rent goes to lakhs of rupees. Because we have to get back the maintenance charge says our calculations. That is the reason I say you don't do such work.

Dr.Rajkumar was making such remarks when he was alive. It was roughly around 15 days ago he had told like this. When someone came and told that they want to build the temple with Dr.Raj he was telling there are enough temples you keep them in good condition.

In this world no one helps anyone without any anticipation. Pretext of doing help they will be waiting to get help. The help should not come to anyone's knowledge. For that the Kalyanamantap or temple should not come up. Anyone is in bad shape help them out from difficulties. For marriage and school expenses give aid. It is more than building temples and Kalyanmantaps was the ideology of my husband Dr.Rajkumar.

Once I asked him we have so many grand children to get married at least for them we have to construct a Kalyanmantap. He said do we conduct the marriage every day. I thought it right. When Kalyanmantap is built it becomes a business was his opinion. Instead of that think on cinema was his suggestion. Even the children are thinking in that direction.

When it comes to industry there should not be divided opinion. I say this always. The objective should be one. Unity has the strength. To do any work the person at the helm is important. The distributor who is a producer or a distributor should not be at that position. Earlier CVL Sastry was there. Such person is required. The arrogant nature of 'who is this man to tell' - not come up in the mind. When we go to the government we should have one or two demands not a dozen.

As long as the seniors won't get value for their observations they cannot do anything. The present genre has audacity at yesteryears thinkers. In such a scenario no work is possible.

Unity should be there in all fields. You see at the three films releasing. Who is going to get benefit out of it? In a week only one film should be released. A hero cinema should have a gap of one month. Dr.Rajkumar films was releasing once in a week in those days. Then we made a policy that only after eight weeks another film of Dr.Rajkumar should come. Then it was easier for hero and also for producer.

There is a peculiar situation. When the new film comes the old films have no market. People should talk that a film has come. Otherwise the earlier released film goes to dustbin. Unity is utmost important and policies should be made not broken.

It is not right to make a similar type of film. When 'Janumadha Jodi' was released - a series of films have come in that style. When we did 'Om' the trend was followed. Keep gap is what I say. Constitution cannot be made for this. Now the Thangi (sister) season has come up.

I went to Gajanur with my children to perform the monthly ritual. Nearly 12000 people came to that spot. I had taken the prints of Dr.Rajkumar photographs. It was distributed to the people.

There is a banyan tree in Gajanur. Dr.Rajkumar was sitting under this tree and praying. A small temple should come up there is the wish of our children. My children also came to Gajanur after a long time.

In Kanteerava studios the fans have already started making ghalata. They are telling that they want to construct the 'Samadhi'. I have pacified them and told that we will do it. Making 18 feet Mantap we want to bring the 'Samadhi' under it. It requires five acres of land now the Bangalore City Corporation has given two acres of land.

Let us see what happens!

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