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parvarthamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

We give a house to live for those who work in our family. That will be in our company name. When he leaves the job another person occupies that house. In the earlier days the house was in the worker's name. But one incident took place toppled out calculations. That made us not to attach the lease amount.

One barber was coming to hair dress Dr.Rajkumar from Gundulpet. He was staying in Bangalore for three days. He used to go meet his friends in the remaining days. On the third day I was giving him Rs.500 but Dr.Raj was insisting on Rs.1000 - that is because he has closed his shop for three days. There was argument on this topic but finally we decided to get him a house to stay here. A house on lease for Rs.4 lakhs was arranged in those days. One fine day he ran away selling away the shop cum house. We found it difficult to get it back to our name.

There was one driver in our family. He had seen all children growing in our family. When his daughter marriage came up everyone without my knowledge gave money. The children have imbibed the tradition and good behavior from Dr.rajkumar.

I was giving in cheque in the earlier days. The income tax department raised problems. Then I started giving in cash for any donations. Our children do charity without the knowledge of anyone even to this day. Recently a letter was received from Bijapur district. The problem was ascertained and then the help was provided.

Children have the attitude of not wearing the same clothes for next film. We have the practice of keeping it till censor certificate comes to our hand. This is because of some precautionary measures. All the costumes worth thousands of rupees my song distribute among the units boys and others. The costume expenditure is a part of the cinema expenses was their opinion.

Puneeth Rajkumar has not yet come out from the tragedy and shock of Dr.Raj loss. Even I too! When I went to gajanur I moved around the places Dr.Raj used to go. Most of the time I was in hallucination that he is around, behind me, looking at me from somewhere. Puneeth is asking me to go ahead with 'Arasu' Kannada film that was announced when Dr.Raj was living. I have pacified him to take some more time and then start acting in films. I am not attending the functions after my husband's death. That is because I am not able to sustain the word 'late' rajkumar.

The long standing issue is that Shivu and Puneeth to act in a social film for the direction of Raghavendra Rajkumar. Since Bharatesha Vaibhava takes some more time we are planning for this social film.

We have some more wishes to fulfill. Among them Shivanna to play the role of 'Bhakta Ambarisha' and 'Bhakta Kumbara' top the list. He is capable of it was Dr.Raj opinion also. I have seen him acting in Bedara Kannappa role. In the Kiratharjuna episode his acting was very good. On that day I decided he can do mythological roles.

Once I went to a temple with Shivanna. He was asked to sing in that sacred place. I was holding my breath because he might sing tuvvi tuvvi song. But he sung 'Bedara Kannappa' song and made me feel very comfortable.

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