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parvarthamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

I am dipped in memories. I am not getting inspiration to do any work. In the night times the children see Dr.Rajkumar films. They are thrilled with Dr.Raj films of yesteryears. The actions scenes in the yesteryears were not like how it is today – falling on trees, pots, vegetable pullers etc. Yet the dance and fights were very good in the earlier days is what they say.

There is reason for this. Today the cut shots are more. The shots were lengthy in those days. That is one of the reasons the expressions were evident on the faces. The lyrics were also equally good. Today it is written only for dance. There is lack of feeling. We are not able to catch the expressions of artistes.

I was watching 'Operation Diamond Rocket' the other day. The children did not get up for food. The audience also views such film in theatre. But today there is not theatre for new films. Where is the opportunity to screen old films?

Among old films when 'Sathya Harischandra' was released again it ran for 100 days. 'Om' has that strength to draw audience.

My children have the intention of doing the old movies of Dr.Raj. Shivanna is interested in 'Bhakta Kumbara' while Raghanna wants to do 'Hari Bhakta'. There are good songs in this movie. In Tamil this was made in rich style. With such opulence it is made it would be good.

After hearing the modulation of Raghanna I thought he can sing to any extent. He has sung classical songs beautifully. In the busy work he kept quiet not practicing the singing. My husband was telling that Raghanna is looking after me for the whole day and he is not having time to act. I and Raghanna spent maximum of our time towards his health. Dr.Raj had that feeling.

But Raghanna had no such feeling. His father health was his top priority. He never told that he is not finding time to act. He was with him very much. To stay with his father he was interested. In last days he was very attached to him.

Once there was a comment that Shivanna gives up childish nature in him he would act like Dr.Rajkumar. Dr.Raj was bit angry with that statement. He asked him is he not acting very well now. But I agreed with that comment. When I saw 'Andaman' film of Shivanna I had in fact cried. There is a scene where father console his daughter. At that moment I thought my husband is doing that performance. In 'Thavarina Sini' second half of the film I saw my husband performance in Shivanna's acting. The story was similar to 'Kasturi Nivasa'. In shirt and dhoti when he was walking I saw my husband in his style.

In two years I have prepared two stories. Getting ready the subject is not easy task. Those who had given subject for Puneeth I have asked them to come with the subject. Let us give the subject what we have done to the producer says Puneeth. But I am not interested like that. I have worked hard on the subject for my banner.

Puneeth is not in a mood to act now. He is not able to come out from the sorrow. I am not forcing him. Let him take his own time. Those who stayed with him cannot forget him then how can Puneeth forget so easily?

In the meantime we are forced to go to various places. Despite of difficulty we had to go. The fans are telling that they want to come out with the statue. At Kanteerava studio there is only two acres of land but according to me in five acres the memorial and library could be set up.

I am not getting time to think about the filmdom. Puneeth film should be made. When it is going to start I don't know. In September 'Kumararama' is slated for release. After that 'Arasu' may go on the floors.

One thing is sure. When the film is good when you are going to release is not important. The February release 'Nanjundi Kalyana' and September release 'Janumadha Jodi' were successful. Now the system in how many theatres the film has been released. Our time films was running to 25, 50, 100 etc days. Now in one week the maximum collection is made. That is also not wrong. In a week two films get released. Release in maximum of theatres and make money quickly is the policy now. Getting the investment quickly is the route of the producer.

UNFORGETTABLE – When we get the cassette of the film we know the quality of songs. The recording is done somewhere. The voice is mixed somewhere else and final product lands up somewhere else.

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