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parvarthamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

We often hear from children that of generation gap and zamana being different. Between father and son, mother and daughter, elders and youngsters there is difference of opinion. That has to be intelligently handled. The children most of the times do not hear to the elders observations and it is vice versa. It is wrong to leave everything to the whims and fancies. It has to be shrewdly managed.

In our house I will not exercise control on my children to obey my orders. They have all grown up in our house. They know our attitudes. Yet my zamana was different. Most of my children hear to what I say patiently. Just because of that I would not impose anything on them. I keep three options before them. They decide on it and take final decision. Sometime they compare their ideas with my ideas and say the ideas were the same running in the mind. Finally they agree.

Without telling it should happen will not happen. We should take the yesterday take something from today and forge ahead for future. The new sapling on a fertile land would lead to good results.

When Shivanna was studying in Madras we were facing a sort of uncomfortable position. Dr.Raj was always concerned about neat haircut and simple hair style. But Shivanna was leaving lengthy hair. Everyday Dr.Raj was telling him to have hair cut. He was upset with such regular pestering. I was caught in between the two. I was left with consoling both on the particular issue that has divided opinion. It was difficult for me to take sides.

I was using a plan at such a situation. When Varadappa was coming from Bangalore I was asking him to suggest a good plan for this typical problem. He was selecting the good mood and coming out with solutions.

When Varadappa was consoling Dr.Rajkumar that present day boys are like this Puneeth as young boy was coming with very short hair cut and telling see how I have cut my hair. Dr.Rajkumar was telling 'that you are my real son'. Others were getting angry on 7 to 8 years young Puneeth.

Varadappa was continuing his consoling session. Shivanna was around 16 years then. When they become intelligent they would change themselves is what Varadappa presenting his opinion. They see Amitabh Bachchan cinema and they want to look like him was the statement Varadappa was making again. Still Dr.Rajkumar was angry and telling this hairstyle is not good for him let him change his style. The topic was not ending there. Varadappa was ready with another statement. He told Dr.Raj once that he (Dr.Raj) was having the lengthy hair when he came to films. After doing social films only you cut your hair was Varadappa argument. If the children ask like this what answer you would give was the questioning Varadappa making to Dr.Raj. In the climax Varadappa was consoling that the children should not feel that my father is poking his nose for everything.

Varadappa was not stopping his concern at this stage. He was taking the children also to console them and arrange for hair cut and bringing them before Dr.Raj to convince him. Varadappa was also informing Dr.Raj the danger that children may tonsure their head out of dejection and regular pestering.

I remember each and every discussion to this day. When I was telling him you were like this and our children are like this today, Dr.Raj was replying it is not Rajkumar time but Amitabh Bachchan time.

There is another interesting incident. When Shivaji Prabhu was studying in Bangalore he was seeing only Dr.Rajkumar films. Once Shivaji Ganeshan asked him why you are seeing only Dr.Rajkumar films?

For that Shivaji Prabhu said I am Dr.Rajkumar fan. All Kannadigas in Madras have seen your films and made you popular and I am seeing Dr.Rajkumar films here in Bangalore. When Shivaji Ganeshan said to Prabhu are you not my fan, he replied I am not your fan but only your son.

Prabhu was wearing the shirt similar to what Dr.Raj was wearing in his films. When Dr.Raj film was releasing the shirt he was wearing was in full demand. The tailor Emnath in Seshadripuram was very busy. The shirts and pants stitched by Emnath were very satisfying for Dr.Raj.

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