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parvarthamma rajkumar image
parvarthamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

I once told Rajkumar that i wish to see my parents. We travelled to Saaligrama. My father asked me to stay back and Rajkumar agreed to please my father. Soon Rajkumar called me to the other side and told me to go back with him as he could not stay even few days without me.

I was completely mystified. I instantly gave an excuse to my father and left with Rajkumar to our home.As time flew , i started leaning more things from my husband, he became my mentor. The walk to the stardom and film industry was not a piece of cake for us.

There were sad and happy moments. Most of the times i have felt that, we were happy during our struggling days. I used to take care of my home and there were times when we had no money, we were in penurious state, but still we were happy and content.

I fondly remember few moments, where we used to travel in electric train and spend time at the beach every week, travelling to Tirupathi once in a month, sitting on floor and eating our food together and spending quality time together. I strongly believe that our strengths and powers will be known during the time of hurdle. There was a time when a small operation had to be conducted on my husband. I had very little money inthe bank account.

That was the first time when i went to bank and signed my first cheque leaf and withdrew Rs. 3000. It was tough time for me as i had to withdraw money from account without my husband’s help. Also it was a time when i realized how strong i am.

Many days passed after that incident, after acting in a lot of dramas all over Karnataka, my husband started receiving prominent roles for movies. i regularly started visiting shootings.Pandari Bai, was one of my favorite person. We remember her even to this day.

My husband did not know English very well, if the director passed any instructions in English to my husband, it was Pandari Bai who used to secretly translate in kannada. It just shows what a great personality she was.

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