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bigg boss sudeep image
bigg boss sudeep

Sudeep's intriguing statement, "I'm sure a new host nxt year will do more justice..," has literally set the cat among the pigeons. He was referring to the popular reality show Bigg Boss, which he is hosting. Hinting that he will not be part of it next year, Sudeep has said that he will be done with the show after the first season which will conclude in two weeks.
Sudeep has said he will finish work in two weeks and that would be the end of his association with Bigg Boss, "I have done my best in trying (to) make you all smile and bring  about some joy into your lives, to sort out differences between the contestants, and love each other. I am happy you all have supported the show and have loved my presence. Two more weeks and I'm done with it. Will go home with loads of memories."
Sudeep says his strength is films rather than hosting reality shows and he wants to go back to doing films. He has said, "My forte is films, through which I have earned a place in your hearts. I shall continue doing that. I'm sure a new host next year will do more justice," clearly clarifying that next year, Bigg Boss will have a different host.

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