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In late-2009, Kasturi Media took an initiative to build the Kannada movie market in Overseas, partnering with other distributors (Kannada Picture Club, Skanda Enterprises) all over the world. The ups and downs are part of distribution business in overseas. It was difficult to break-even (print cost, shipping cost, theatre rent) after all the careful planning. Most of producers just came forward to screen the movie by sending the print on their own cost. 

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The major problem with a single print is that, you cannot screen in multiple cities at the same time. It will take 3-6 months to finish the screening of the movie. With this drawback, you cannot screen more movies in a year. 

Every filmmaker thinks that his film has potential of being hit irrespective the box-office status in India. They are so much obsessed with their movie and seldom understand the truth. This is completely false and not a reality as well. 

(to be continued)

(Article by Atlanta Nagendra)

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