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We are happy to announce that your favourite portal Chitraloka.com has entered to ten years of its existence today. We in Chitraloka will again pledge to work for the interests of the Kannada film industry and to follow its activities rigorously with a view to project it in right perspective to the Kannada film fans around the world. In these years, we have grown substantially to enhance our influence in the country and abroad and stands at number one position in the business of reporting the activities of the industry.

In this historical moment, we would like to thank our browsers, advertisers, Kannada film producers who have remained our backbone in pursuit of our goals and growth. From the day it was launched, Chitraloka.com, the mega portal of Kannada cinema industry has been considered as a voice of the industry, its artists, technicians and workers. The portal was initiated to arouse the interest and curiosity about the Kannada films. Buoyed by first-mover advantage, Chitraloka has attracted a huge browser following. The Kannada film fans feel that the web has changed the way they look Kannada films and describe the portal as the face of Kannada film industry.

Chitraloka.com's main strength comes from its content providers and a superbly charged technological content which provides all the support to make the portal to get a good visual look. Content wise it stands above its print media and electronic media compatriots. Though many rival sites have come into operation in recent times, Chitraloka.com's market share has never been affected. Its browser support has enormously increased over the years.

Thanks once again to browsers, advertisers and representatives of the Kannada film industry.

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