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Chitraloka.com, the most popular web portal of the Kannada language has completed seven years and entered to Eight year. In the last seven years, the portal has become a window of the Kannada film industry and has been carrying reports of every thing that is happening in the industry with an objective insight.

Yes, many a times the portal has taken some positions, but it is mainly to protect the interest of the Kannada film industry. The portal’s views, reviews have always been pro Kannada film industry.

Chitraloka portal has always stood for promoting talents in the industry and has been in the forefront in promoting quality oriented films. Chitraloka has always been the first to report many important developments in the Kannada film industry and that is one precise reason why the number of hits has been increasing each passing day. The popularity of the channel is being determined by the number of hits to the portal and Chitraloka is really proud of its achievement.

At this defining moment in the history of the Portal, we would like to thank all the people who are browsing this portal, the Kannada film personalities who are helping the development of the channel by advertising their films and people who are voluntarily giving information to the portal.

In the last three years, the growth of the portal has been phenomenal as it is now providing content to other portals, radio and television channels and also newspapers. The portal news reportage has lot of credibility and has always been made reference material for many articles written in news papers and other periodicals.

We are happy to be the number one web port for the Kannada film industry.

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