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Parole Movie Review

It is rare for film makers in Sandalwood to choose subjects that they think the audience is not bred on. So thrillers and suspense genres hardly get made . In his second film as director, Rajashekar chooses one such story.
The story begins with a serial killer (B Suresha) eliminating a close group of friends. So it is evident that he is avenging a past wrong. The four friends played by Pradeep, Likith, Vishwas and Sharath have committed a gory mistake which is revealed much later in the narration. Despite a plot that takes many turns, the script has no loose ends and the suspense is kept till the very end. Just when the ending seems a little off mark, a superb twist gives the final chill.
In the first half of the film, Parole is an out and out suspense thriller with Kishore as a CCB cop trying to find out the killer. He manages to save one of the boys before the killer strikes. Then the story turns out to reveal the reason for the killings. A love story in a campus and a father's struggle to educate his son become the sub-plots. Though the main characters are shown coming out of jail on parole, it is not the central theme of the film. So the title is not necessarily perfect for the story.
The songs are in perfect harmony to the narrative. For a film like this songs usually prop up as a road block. But not in Parole. They are so perfectly placed and subtle that they become part of the story. Tight narration, sensible dialogues and an almost perfect plot makes Parole a must watch. All the actors have played their role neatly. Since the story is king, there is no unnecessary glorification of any single role. Every character comes through in different shades. It is a kind of film that give a new direction to commercial films. The producers must be commended for taking up such a project. Cinematography by Gundelpet Suresh has done a good work in his mained film


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