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Ravichandran Joins Sudeep's Mirchi

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Ravichandran has joined the second schedule of the Kannada remake of Mirchi. He joined the team on Tuesday in Hyderabad. His special get-up has been kept a secret and there is a strict ban on revealing it. Sudeep, who is directing the film has announced, "Crazy Star joins us back again on set. (He is) a man filled with energy and fantastic sense of humour. Truly an inspiration."

The film team also saw the rough cuts of the first schedule. In a voice broadcast Sudeep said, "the nature has been kind so far as there is no interference from rain during shooting. We saw the scenes we have shot during the first schedule. It is awesome. Arjun Janya has composed BGM music and though it is still a rough copy, the results are amazing.

Ravi Sir will be shooting with us for the next one month in Hyderabad, after which we will shift the location either to north Karnataka or Mysore. This is not yet decided."

Sudeep has also spoken about the X-Ray of his broken hand. "I don't know how the X-ray was leaked. Many of you have wished me and asked me to undergo surgery. Two months will go away if surgery is done now and put the film team in trouble. Let me take care of work and work will take care of me."

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