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Lakshmi Releasing on January 18th

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Director Raghava Loki who is known as a non compromising director in the Kannada film industy that his next film "Lakshmi' starring Century Star Shivaraj Kumar and National award winning actress Priyamani is not only rich by stylish in its presentation. Though there are some sequences which give you a raw feel, in totallity the film does not fail to give a natural feel for the audience.

"We had planned the film is to get released for the Sankranthi film festival. Now we are releasing on 18th said Lloki. Get ready for a big feast of  new technical innovations and graphic designs.  The film will have totally one hour of graphics work which includes one song and many action and thrilling sequences' said Raghava Loki.

Raghava Loki revealed that the title of the film was suggested by Hatrick Hero Shivaraj Kumar and he had even given the story line of the film.  "I worked out the script working with many writers and my friends. Finally the script was ready, but we needed lot of technical support for the film.  Thankfully the producers were very supportive.

We assure the Kannada film audience that they will not be disappointed after viewing this film' said Raghava Loki.

Shivaraj Kumar said that he would be playing the role of Lakshmi Narayan who is popularly known as Lakshmi, a CBI investigative officer. The film traces the journey of Lakshmi in his investigations and how he tackes the terrorists at the one side and the corrupt politicians who are hindering the growth of the country on the other side. The director has made the film as he had briefed the script to me.  It is very rich in its production values.  I am sure my fans will like it for the abundant strength of the script and action' says Shivaraj Kumar.


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