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Parvarthamma Rajkumar Column 13

Helping those who are in difficulties is not new to us. We have been doing it since long time. Tom toming is not correct. We should help for our satisfaction.
Off late Ms Ramaiah Hospital is helping a lot. For well to do the help is not required but for needy we have to help. Our office boy when he was on a cycle met with an accident and lost his two legs. We gave proper care and job of Rs.5000 per month. He will sit and supervise all the work. For those who are working with us in case of marriage of them including the gas connection we help them. For an employee who was working earlier we have helped. In the past the help for deserving persons like Togudeepa Srinivas, Negro Johny, Kunigal Vasanth, Pandari Bai and others every possible help was extended.
Giving this type of help is common. But 'Shakthidhama' in Mysore for destitute women and rehabilitation of them is going on since 1997. First we started it as a house for prostitute women but later it transformed as destitute women rehabilitation center. It was Kempaiah when he was the commissioner of police taking my husband on the status of these women said can we do something. Dr.Rajkumar spoke to me that we have to do something. In the first round of 6 to 7 months working on this 'Shakthidhama' it was Suttur Math swamy gave 1.5 acres of land. Then we bought 1.5 acres of land. We got nearly 2 acres of land from Sundarshan. But when we worked on the water clogged land and made arrangement for future plans he said that land has to be given back. He was interested in building boy's hostel. That somehow did not look nice for me. We did not sign any papers. We had to give back the land. They destroyed the coconut trees in the process. I was upset very much. Growing one coconut tree is equal to giving shape to one child is what I believed.
This destitute woman is built with the help of musical night programs from Dr.Rajkumar in 1997. We collected roughly around 70 lakhs. Many of the Mangaloreans, Ganesh Beedi proprietor came forward. Infosys came forward recently for one prayer hall, kitchen and other needs. From the money collected we have constructed three inmate rooms. Nearly 65 women could be accommodated here.
Sahukar Thimmappa's piece of land was given the government after the valued payment.. Then his son went to court and filed a case saying his father is buried in one place and he wants the place back. Now that case has been dismissed in favour of us. Each one make a memorial in one acre of land what one should do? This is not the right attitude. For good work there are many hurdles it is said. But it is true in the case of 'Shakthidhama'.
This Shakthidhama is a house for many kinds of women and young girls who are hit by fate. There are instances of pregnant woman coming here for shelter. There are three dormitory for nearly 65 women. There is a huge tailoring hall. From bleaching power to two squares of meals, systematic living, prayer, television entertainment, jobs, gardening, horticulture work, cooking, making greeting cards, handbags are part and parcel of this 'Shakthidhama'.
Mr Sadanand is looking after this since the inception. He is a trustee now. He has been our family friend. Lot of developments has taken place from his. His father is Mariswamy. Bhagwan, Govindaraj are also working with service motto for 'Shakthidhama'. We have Jayamala also working for it. I want this 'Shakthidhama' to be of every one and the film industry should come forward to help. For 8th January 2006 musical program - Upendra, Sudeep, Darshan, Prema, Rakshita, Ramya have all come forward to give support for 'Shakthidhama'.
There is one problem with us. We announce in a big way that we will do. But most of them forget to do it. Our own people ask for Rs.10000 less from the charges and donate it to 'Shakthidhama'. There is no point in such ways.
UNFORGETTABLE - The chance to help not come from everyone. When you get that don't think again. Do it. Then you fit into human being slot.

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