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Veeru Movie Review

'Veera' Narayana so far in the career of 13 years as director and multifaceted person is now 'VEERU' Narayan from this film. Launching his son Pankaj in the title role and handling half a dozen loopholes in our society director perfectly holds the mirror to the depressing developments.
The stark realities seen on the silver screen not leaving a silver line of hope for the poor and downtrodden your eyes would collect tears automatically. The height of haughtiness of Mullayya, the 'dhimakgiri' of his wife Rachavva, the inevitable to live condition of Mullayya's father, the entire village coming under the net of Mullayya, the slavery system, the rugged life of poor villagers, the misuse of funds by the village school teachers, the gobbling of ration cards of poor citizens, the utter crude treatment by the monied class today, the hunger to get education for her son 'Veeru' by Pathi, the police atrocity, the police indulging in rape of villagers - a dozen films subjects are tucked in this 'Veeru' and director S.Narayan has very patiently dealt with it.
The moronic situations are shown how it is seen in the interior villages in real life. The remarkable foundation for the film is showcasing the shabby and shoddy conditions in our society even after 58 years of Independence to the country. This is not a story the director makes it clear in the beginning. The trauma filled film with good cinematography and excellent performance from Umasri, Prakash Heggodu and Master Pankaj boost up the quality of the film.
The young hero Pankaj gives an account of his in built aspiration to study from his looks. His performance in the climax is fantastic. His walking style and beating up the village chieftain deserves full marks. While it is a dream of all youngsters to come on screen in an aristocratic style Pankaj is coming in a reverse swing. His application of mind especially when he is asked to clean the excreta of an old man laying on bed of his master Mullayya where he is working as a slave might be unbearable but such incidents are still happening in our society is a truth. Umasri is peerless. For the one who has done Sakavva in 'Odalaala', this one in Veeru is five times bigger in its scale. Remaining natural on screen is what Umasri herself stressed and this particular role should bring her awards.
Prakash Heggodu as Mullayya looks very scary. He is no doubt a fine pick by director Narayan. He is here to stay long in Kannada cinema. Das in the photography is exceedingly good. According to the mood the lighting used shows his brilliance.
Coming to music the song of C. Ashwath is worth hearing again. The other two songs are beautifully adjusted to the circumstances. Director of repute S. Narayan has deviated from his commercial films and shows how strong he is when he takes up causes of the society.
Watch this film. You will know how advanced we are. How the corruption in our system is rampant in our society you will know.

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