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Rowdy Aliya Movie Review

He is a rowdy for a cause. Royal, Objective, Witty, Daring and Youthful (ROWDY) Aliya. Shivarajkumar, Chaya Singh, Sharan and Doddanna walk away with honors. Jayamala could have avoided some scenes at least for her current image after ‘Thai Saheba’.
The redeeming feature of this film songs scored by seven music director is above average. The story content, screenplay, cinematography boosted up the image of the film.  
Raja (Shivrajkumar) arrives from London and takes the control of a college that is spoilt by Rani a student who is hotheaded and stinking in richness. Rani’s mother is the crorepathi who knows nothing other than money. In the first half the Raja and Rani encounter is stitched for the fans of Shivrajkumar and it is in the second half the film opens up with a good suspense.
The burning aspirations of Rani and her mother gets a beating continuously in the secondhalf. Raja comes as son in law in Rowdy get up and further bring down the prestige and pride of Rani and her mother that has not come in the hard way for them. But in the end it is Raja who saves Rani and her mother from disgrace. At this point opens the flashback. It is quite interesting and touches convincingly.
Director Saiprakash has maintained the grandeur throughout the film. This would not have been possible for the producer’s generosity in spending. Shivrajkumar having 52 costumes and graphic technology to live up to the standards even in music is an amazing interest shown by the producer of this film. Quite an expensive film ‘Rowdy Aliya’ has all the ingredients of a commercial film. At places – like the Sadhu Kokila entry is difficult to digest. But bringing in Chaya Singh is  major plus point in the film and she has good control on the screen.
Once again it is Shivrajkumar who steals the show with his perfect expressions, dancing dexterity and electrifying fights to thrill the audience. Shivrajkumar is no doubt a fully potential actor when it comes to emotional scenes. This is what missing for him in the film and it is not his mistake.
Kannada film industry not utilizing the caliber of Chaya Singh is a big question mark. She is such a sweet actress and it is high time the industry give her right roles.
Money comes and goes but morality comes and grows – this is what the film in totality.
Worth your money.
Banner – Komal Enterprises
Producers – M.C.Neha
Music –Sapthaswara
Story, screenplay, dialogue and direction – Om Saiprakash
Cinematography – Dasari Seenu
Editing – P.R.Sounderraj
Cast – Shivrajkumar, Priyanka, Jayamala, Doddanna, Sharan, Chaya Singh, Sadhu Kokila, Ashok, Ramesh Bhat, Avinash, Chitra Shenoy and others.


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