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Well known film writer and Director Yogaraj Bhat's film Drama is a film that offers you  the spicy taste of  Masala with the yummy modern eatery Pizza at different times.  This is a likeable sandwich which may taste differently to film audience with different outlooks, but nevertheless the most likeable product for the college going youngsters  as well as the intelligent rural brigade.  The ultra modern software crowd will like Bhatru's soft one liners from Yash and Sathish, the young girls will like the positive and assertive attitude of Radhika Pandit and for those exclusive people who like to hear spiritual message there is Bombe Adsonu song from the Rebel Star.

The fact that there are some negative points in Drama which may go well with the traditional film audience.  Some times the film moves with a faster pace like a Bullet train when events unfold in a dramatic fashion, but some times the film drags for a little longer time.  And some of the situations look like forced inclusions which may be unpalatable to the audience.

Just to erase an impression that his films do not carry a credible story, Bhat tries to include a lot of characters, incidents that were unfound in his films so far. You have gun fights, bomb blasts etc all kept to the barest minimum limits.  In a way it looks like Bhat has returned to the Ranga S.S.L.C. era while trying to retain the fragrance of  the Mungaru Male.

But unfortunately for Bhat this attempt by him to take a path of newer space has its pitfalls too.  The film looks totally interesting at many a times, while the film falls flat in a few sequences.  The symmetry of the story has been lost because Yogaraj has tried to have a 'please all' mode in the film.

The charm of Yogaraj Bhat's dialogues, lyrics and his song picturisation technique has remained the same.   He has got very good performances from all artists including Yash, Radhika Pandit, Neenasam Sathish, Sampath, Lohithashwa, Suchayeendra Prasad, Honnavalli Kishna and others.  Ambareesh shines brightly in a few sequences that he appears.

Krishna's Camera work and Hari Krishna's music can be described by a single word Top Class.


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